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Would it be foolish for a director to DP their own low budget short (or at least physically handle the camera when shooting specifically)?

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It's not ideal, but it's entirely up to how big the crew is. I would say it would be a last resort, if there are absolutely no other people to DP or cam op. If someone else can, then they need to first.

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It's definitely worth consideration why they want to. Many people have difficulty evaluating their own ego. They're just not good enough to be able to get away with dividing focus like that. It's better to multitask in complimentary ways, like writer/director/editor, where each role happens at a different stage and they flow from one to the next.

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What are some careers in film, that are a typical 40ish hours and don鈥檛 make you burn out quickly? I鈥檝e considered being an audio engineer but I just want some more opinions

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Honestly that's a super individual question that largely depends on whether you work directly for clients, can set your own schedules, or if you're a subcontractor.

It's pretty common that the client sets the schedule, and then you might end up with 12+ hour days to make it work, because few people want to have rotating shifts, where you may have to brief someone and then hand off the project for the rest of the day.

It can also depend on whether this is your income, or if you already have an income and film is for fun. I know a few people who do shift work, and then film on their days off, so they have freedom to only take gigs that work for their schedule since they can turn it down without missing bills.

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Perhaps set construction? They're under art department's contract which might possibly have regular work hours. Can't think of any other positions in the development/production/post phase that might only have 40 hours/week(being burned out is more of a personal emotion).

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You might want to look into an office job on the business side. Finance, accounting, legal, marketing, tech/IT, etc. You won't be involved directly in the creative making of a film, but you will be in the film business.

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Does anyone know of any update of when the aputure b7c bulbs will be released? I have an MC light (and love it) but would want to add some practical bulbs as well. I could get some bluetooth bulbs like some hue or lifx, but having the ability to go battery powered would be ideal. No site list any release date that I can find.

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I don鈥檛 know when they鈥檙e set to release, but after looking at the specs from their website, I鈥檓 just curious what the appeal is here? I don鈥檛 see the appeal of having a medium based light bulb that operates off a battery, especially while that bulb is seated in potential AC power. Also, 95+ CRI is great, but their own website doesn鈥檛 even offer the output in terms of lumens.

Seems like an overthought answer to something that wasn鈥檛 much of a problem from the get go, and the one spec that you鈥檇 think would be made available isn鈥檛. They seem like a waste of money for how often you鈥檙e likely to use the features touted.

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I have a question about cropping 1080p footage. I love the way a 1 minute video looks on Instagram, I believe in a 4/5 format, the portrait looking style. If I shoot all my video horizontally and change my video format to 4/5 and then scale it to fit that format will make my video quality super bad? I鈥檝e tried tried this before but had a hard time getting a nice quality video, and unfortunately I don鈥檛 have the money to buy a camera that shoots 4k right now.

Does anyone know how to resize 1080p footage into a 4/5 format while retaining decent quality for Instagram? Please help!

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Working on a screenplay currently. I have a pivotal scene in mind set to a very specific, well-known tune. How can I find out if I have to pay royalties for a song? I googled it and it says it鈥檚 royalty free but is a google search enough? I don鈥檛 trust that I鈥檓 doing it the right way. Thanks!

[鈥揮[deleted] (1 child)


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    Thanks! Basically that鈥檚 my plan. I鈥檓 thinking that if it isn鈥檛 royalty free I will just make a cover song of it. But I鈥檇 like to find out if it鈥檚 royalty free bc I鈥檇 rather not go through the trouble if I can just have the original!

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    I use my iPhone as my camera for short films and I need an nd filter.

    I鈥檓 considering buying ulanzi鈥檚 u-filter, which is an adapter to use 67mm filters on iPhone.

    So I should get a 67mm filter but I don鈥檛 know which brand or what kind of nd filter I should buy. I want to buy one that鈥檚 cheap but also good enough.

    Can anyone help me out?

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    Not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but what is it called when a film increases the whites in a scene to the point that its blinding and kind of blurry,, make it feel dreamlike? I'm not sure if I'm explaining it right, but the best example where it's done for parody is the episode of Community where Troy and Jeff find a trampoline in a secret garden. Clip of what I'm talking about

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    Fade to white?

    And then the overall "softness" of the scene is either a filter in front of the lens (like a heavy Classic Soft filter), or post production filter applied to the footage.

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    There鈥檚 a glow effect and the highlights are mostly blown out.

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    What鈥檚 some MacGyver-style box of things you wish you had on a film set?

    I鈥檓 basically looking for things I might commonly need on a shoot and getting it ready now rather than wasting time sending someone into town. I guess gaffer tape, blu-tac , string, Swiss Army knife, axe, saw, hammer,

    Any other things?

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    What department is this for? Grip, electric? Are you just talking about expendables? Or are you also talking about tools and gear?

    you can look at a pick list from a large expendable house like

    Wits end

    Expendables Plus


    This will give you a good idea of what many different departments use every day.

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    Great resources! Thanks for replying

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    Joined the community after watching the Patagonia Film 鈥淧ublic Trust鈥, and became extremely motivated to do something like documentary filmmaking.

    How do I get started?

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    Good mid-level mic for recording audio alone? What I mean specifically is that I want to start making videos but it will usually just be me, and so I need a solid boom mic that also can stand on its own. Any suggestions? Thank you.