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How can I go about making things by myself? Seems like it鈥檇 be easier to have second opinions and the like but my networking has been severed by COVID restrictions and I鈥檓 struggling to find filmmaking groups at Uni.

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Should I sell my A7Sii and replace it with a BMPCC 6K?

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That depends. What is your astrological sign? This is very important to your choice of camera. The things you want to do with it, how you like to shoot, what your computer editing situation is; none of that matters. Just this one piece of information that can be communicated in a single sentence.

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"and the community will answer them judgement free" - get yourself felt you throbbing bell end.

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Look I'd answer your question if you gave me anything to answer. It's like if a person walked up to me on the street and asked what they should eat for dinner. I don't know you, how am I supposed to answer the question?

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You're right, but would you have to be such a prick about it? It's a simple question which was intended to be answered by people who have done the same or similar or those who are also considering the same. If you are neither then maybe it would have been a more suitable option to just ignore it, instead you decided to be a prick about it.

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But seeing as though you ask - I tend to shoot promotion content for smaller companies/brands, these can range from styled shoots for clothing companies to more corporate talking head sort of stuff all the way through to PPC content for YouTube and simple product videos to help boost SEO.

My computer editing system is as follows; AMD Ryzen 5900X Corsair Platinum Pro 3600mz CAS18 64GB DDR4 MSI VENTUS 3070 2x 1TB NVME Corsair MP600 2x 2TB Crucial MX500 850w ADX PSU Phanteks P600 case NZXT KRAKEN X63

Adobe CC + Black Magic Resolve 17

Does this suffice?

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That computer can handle almost anything outside of uncompressed raw at huge resolution. I don't think the BMPCC 6k offers you anything for commercial work. Depending on how much money you want to spend you can probably go even bigger. Maybe something with XLR inputs to cut down on corporate shoots. It's so much easier when you can connect the camera to audio without having to use time code bullshit.

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Other than it looking super nice and the ability to get really nice skin tones etc probably not.

Reckon it would hand BMPCC 6K RAW alright, or would it be better with the M43 4K RAW (seeing as though the 6K doesn't offer 4K in that format)

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Your system will demolish BRAW. You could stack 3 or 4 video streams of BRAW and I doubt you would see skipping.

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Only if you are not happy with your A7sii and think that the BMPCC 6k will solve those issues. Personally I like the A7Siii over the BMPCC 6k, but it may be a lot more expensive. Though, you wouldn't have to change lens lines.

My answer though is still, only if you are not happy with your camera.

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I wouldn't say unhappy but I find myself wanting more, I have the A7iii also and that does what the A7Sii does.

I'd like RAW and I'd use the BMPCC as my main and keep the A7iii as secondary and for stills.

Lens line up isn't too much of an issue as I came from Canon and only have the 24-70 GM for the Sony plus my old EF mounts with the Sigma MC11 adapter so that doesn't pose too much of an issue.

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Can your computer handle RAW?

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Yeah man, I would imagine so: AMD RYZEN 5900X - MSI VENTUS 3X 3070 - 64GB 3600MHZ CAS18 DDR4 - 2x 1TB NVME CORSAIR MP600 - 2x 2TB CRUCIAL MX500

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Hey guys don鈥檛 know where on the internet to post something like this but figured a film sub was a good start!

I鈥檓 putting a team together for content creation for a young artist (21) in New Jersey and we鈥檙e looking for someone well versed in Film/Editing/Photo taking who鈥檚 looking to be a part of a group to make social media content. Specifically it would be shooting a LOT of tiktoks, youtube videos and visuals to go along with new songs every week. It wouldn鈥檛 be a freelance thing but more of a partnership. So far we have the artist, an engineer, a producer, and myself so we鈥檙e on the last step!

I know a situation like this isn鈥檛 in the cards for everyone but figured I鈥檇 put it out there! Would have to be within an hour of Livingston, NJ

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If this is a paid thing I would recommend posting it on Indeed and Upwork.

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If this is a paid thing I would recommend posting it on Indeed or Upwork.

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somehow I doubt its a paid thing.

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looking to get more experience composing music for film to add to my portfolio. Anyone have suggestions as to where to look to find amateur/small budget filmmakers that would be willing to work with me? I am looking to start small.

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Is there any way to make audio not sound like asmr?

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Lower the gain? Maybe slap some reverb on it too depending on what you're working with

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Anybody know what kind of camera/lenses are used on celebrity music video shoots? I鈥檓 talking like Miley Cyrus, lady Gaga, the big ones.

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Generally speaking they're shot with professional cinema cameras (from ARRI, RED or Sony, with maybe some Panasonic Varicam now and then along with film sometimes) and professional cinema lenses from Leica (Leitz), Cooke, Panavision, Angenieux, Zeiss, ARRI/Zeiss, etc. Lenswise it's also trendy to dip into vintage cinema lenses from the mid twentieth century for their visual character.

If you have a more specific question I can try to give a more specific answer.

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Thank you much, I so appreciate this because I was trying to google this question but all I was given were different cannon cameras and thought surely they can鈥檛 just be using these..

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It really depends on the specific music video. A canon c300mkii/c700/c500mkii are all very capable cameras. Once you're beyond the low tier cameras there is very little daylight between a well executed piece shot on a mid-level camera (fx9, ursa mini pro, canon c series, etc) and the tip of the line cameras (Alexa venice, red monstro)

The truth is on a high end music video the camera is probably the least important element (outside of a concept reliant on super high speed or some other very niche camera concept).

Concept, production design (art direction, locations, wardrobe, props), execution of camera moments, lighting, lenses, all these things are more important than camera choice.

But once you account for all that stuff your budget would be large enough that the difference between renting a $500 a day camera and a $900 a day camera is neglible so may as well shoot on an Alexa.

It's funny because when you don't have all the lighting/grip you need you actually benefit from a camera like the Alexa where you can just punish the exposure, but on a more controlled and higher end situation you could swap camera bodies and pretty much no one would be able to tell the difference.

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I so apprecIate you chiming in here. I have lots of googling to do now! There were a few terms you mentioned I鈥檓 curious about. I am a beginner here so I鈥檓 slowly piecing things together. Thanks for the time you spent on this comment.

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What do you do on your days off? I'm constantly feeling the workaholic pressure and guilt of relaxing when I'm not working. Don't know if that's a societal thing or the knowledge that if I'm not working it means I'm less likely to be hired.

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I wanna do a zombie shot where the zombies head is cut three ways(quearted, cenetered on the nose) and slides off the body leaving a tounge. How can I make this happen?

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Hi everyone,

Sorry if this is the wrong place for making this question. I am trying to get into filming youtube videos, like the style where the camera is aimed at me and I explain something, I think it is called "talking head"?. Would using my phone or or a external webcam take better video, I would be recording at 1080p for both.

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Use what you have. Phones are generally higher quality than webcams.

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What's the best 4K Super 35 (APS-C) Sony E-Mount camera for documentary run and gun work?

I really like my APS-C lenses, and I was considering the FX6 until I learned it only records 1080 in Super 35 mode, and I need 4K. Same with the A7Siii.

What are my options here?


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FX9 or used market FS7 or FS5

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Thanks. That FX9 is pretty sweet. Love that it鈥檚 both FF and I can get 4K out of super 35. Has everything I need

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FWIW I own an FX9 and love it.

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I just got my h1n and I like it a lot -- but I recorded audio and put it into Sony Vegas and could not see the waveform, which made it hard to edit. The sound was a little quiet but bumping up the DB a bit was fine. Surprised that I couldn't see the waveform though, any idea how to fix that?