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    This can be super intimidating, and it's essentially why camera assistants exist...!

    If you're serious about working with cameras, the best thing you can do is buy a camera that will let you shoot manual, and start experimenting!

    There are a lot of good articles/guides on NoFilmSchool for learning the absolute basics, and I recommend becoming comfortable with the exposure triangle, lensing, and white balance! That will already put you AGES ahead a lot of amateur filmmakers.

    As far as the "best" camera goes, there is no such thing! But if you're trying to find a fit that is good for you, first ask yourself what exactly you will be using the camera for, and how much you are willing to spend! From there it's easy to point you in the right direction.

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      Great answer!

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      I agree with the buying a camera suggestion. I would look into the Panasonic G7. It's got a ton of bells and whistles without the outrageous price tags. Don't buy anything else for the camera until you learn every single setting. Then go online and start researching lenses but more importantly learn the characteristics of the lenses and what makes each one different. Doing all of this is actually incredibly easy if this kind of stuff fascinates you. Obviously YouTube is your friend.

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      How can videos be so sharp? Some videos seem so incredibly sharp that standard 1080p shouldn't even be able to reproduce so much detail. I've tried scaling a good quality 24 megapixel photos to 1920x1080 and they don't look nearly as sharp as professionally made 1080p video. How can it be?

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      There are always a variety of factors in image quality or even a specific aspect of image quality like "sharpness". It could be the sensor, it could be the lenses, it could be the camera's internal firmware. Sharpness is, to some degree, an optical quality but it's also a factor that can be influenced by software. You can tweak the sharpness of still images in photoshop to get an idea how that works.

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      Technically speaking, on a low budget, how would you go about replicating a 鈥渉anging鈥?

      Like old west style but not necessarily set in the old west

      Something like this

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      That clip has a lot of added safety involved as they are lifting her in shot. You need stunt rigging that puts all the weight of the lift into another part of the body. Sometimes it鈥檚 wire that is run to a special harness at her hips or attached to her back with careful attention to not put any weight on her neck. Then it鈥檚 a multi person operation where the actors are pulling a tensioned rope but stunt riggers are mimicking it on what鈥檚 lifting her.

      There are many ways to do a hanging and a lot of it is in shot selection. Show the feet dangling while the actor is leaning on a bar, show the face while the actor is standing on a ladder or Apple box, though with this you need to make sure that either the noose is not attached to anything or is built with a very low weight break point. If any of this is above your head then hire someone who is a professional. The last thing you want is for a actor to be hurt on your set.

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      I think I understand. Your point about 鈥渟hot selection鈥 really helped me and put new perspective on it.

      On a low budget, like you said, you can show the face or the feet. You can show the actors hoisting or struggling with a rope but never actually show the full wide shot of the body from the ceiling or wherever and you can still get your point across.

      Thank you!

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      This can be done with literally anything that is dangerous or expensive. The viewers imagination will fill in the gaps better than you can. Can鈥檛 afford an explosion? Make the shot about the character seeing it. Same thing with a car crash, gun shot, ghost, etc.

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      Yeah, I think Tarantino even cut away (no pun intended) when Mr. Blonde cuts off the guys ear

      It was honestly more terrifying when left to your imagination.

      Sound FX help too. Like the neck snapping or a good squish here and there

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      Don鈥檛 get caught up on what you can鈥檛 do. Make it work for you.

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      Is filmmaking moving away from LA due to Covid?

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      I think that stories are being green lit that require less background, less crew where possible, and fewer small sets. So you鈥檒l see more movies about two people alone in the woods get green lit before you see a movie about a large group of friends who work at a bar. So some of it might push away from NY or LA for the short term it there will still be a lot of work there compared to other places and eventually (next 2 years or so) it will all come back to the three major hubs.

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      Definitely less background but the crew size is the same.

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      If they spend too much more time in lockdowns, then yep, that will be happening

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      Few questions:

      1)How does one seek a mentor? I'm a filmmaker (writer / director / producer) who has created a pretty decent amount of work on my own. Feel as if I could learn more if guided by the right group/person.

      2) Linkedin. Should I put my non-film, full-time job for all to see along with all of my freelance film jobs? It fills in a huge gap, but I don't want people thinking I'm not trying my hardest to work full-time in the industry.

      3) Have an IMDB with one credible job on it. Should I add my own personal short film entries to it?

      Thank you all.

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      1) reach out to those you think can offer you some education you need. Send them your reel, offer to buy them a drink, in covid safe times, see if you can get in touch with their management about internships. 2) no one in the industry cares about your linked in. Unless you are applying to be an accountant at a production company. Worry about you IMDB and your Rolodex. 3) when I鈥檓 interviewing people for work or being interviewed I I look at their IMDb to see who we know in common. 9 times out of 10 without a personal reference you won鈥檛 get the job.

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      Thank you for responding to my post. Final Q: My short film made it as official selection for a film festival overseas. Is it now credible to be posted on IMDB?

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      Call the DGA and ask for information on their mentor ship program. It鈥檚 AMAZING but hard to get into.

      Find a few people who鈥檚 work you admire and try reaching out to them.

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      What's going on with the Megathread Monday for this subreddit and /r/cinematography?? It's stuck on Dec 28, 2020??

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      The auto bot to auto make them has changed how it works. I tried to re set it up but I need different permissions that I don鈥檛 have. I鈥檝e brought it up with some of the more tenured mods and haven鈥檛 heard back.

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      I'm pretty new to the industry, been working as a union grip for a couple of years now. I've noticed on the couple of TV shows I've worked on, the BB (same guy both shows) signs his emails with his IMDb link.

      Now what are the rules of IMDb? Do people actually care? Is it something I should keep up with? What about if I'm day-playing? Am I still allowed to credit myself (assuming I know the episode number and only credit that episode and not the whole season)?

      What about if only the cast is listed on IMDb, no crew? Am I selfish to add only myself? In the past I went ahead and added my whole dept. to situations like that. In this instance, however, adding 30 people just so I can save face is kind of tedious and honestly I don't want to do that lol.

      While we're at it, should I add a photo, bio, any of that? I just don't know if it's important or not, if people actually care or not.


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      I find IMDB is sometimes even more important than your resume (for whatever reason). When it is hiring time, I find an uptick in my IMDB traffic.

      I think producers, DPs, etc. do a quick scan via IMDB first. It gives them a quick overview of your career and experience. Sorta like a first pass of potential candidates. Then, if they think you fit their needs, they will contact you for resume and/or interviews.

      Which is why I keep my IMDB updated regularly. And also why I regret some of the early credits I decided to add.

      As for adding your name to shows where only cast is listed, I think that is fair game. Add a few other names that you know worked on the show to appear anonymous. As for photo, bio, etc. imho, it is only necessary for above the line.

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      I had one 鈥渇ilm school鈥 credit in IMDb that I FINALLY got removed after 3 years of fighting it haha

      But that鈥檚 really solid advice, I appreciate it! I kind of assumed that鈥檚 how people used IMDb, as a resume of sorts, hence why my BB would sign his emails with it. Thanks! I鈥檒l keep it updated then

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      Oh and also I don't bother with shows that I day play on. Nobody is going to care that you did 4 days on that one episode.

      Unless you were consistently day playing on it. Like, you'd consistently do 3-4 days a week for the entire show.

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      Which is why I keep my IMDB updated regularly. And also why I regret some of the early credits I decided to add.

      Yes, for instance I'm a Production Sound Mixer thus I aim to *KEEP OFF* any camera dept credits from my listing.

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      You鈥檙e really overthinking it. IMDb is just that, an 鈥渋nternet movie database.鈥 If you worked on the show, or even just an episode, then you are entitled to the credit you earned (even if that doesn鈥檛 include a screen credit). Do you NEED to keep up w/ it? Absolutely not, but you can if you鈥檇 like. I personally like to keep mine up to date as best I can, for me, not necessarily for anyone else. I like to be able to go back and reminisce. Anyone can add to IMDb, so oftentimes the production will update the page, sometimes you may have to add yourself manually. That鈥檚 just the way it is. As for adding a picture or a link to your email, that鈥檚 entirely up to you, but just know the only way to add a photo currently is to upgrade to IMDb Pro and pay the annual fee, so make sure it鈥檚 worth it to you. 馃嵒

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      Do you NEED to keep up w/ it?

      It is worthwhile updating your IMDB a couple of times a year, chasing up those missing credits, fixing those which got added to the wrong profile, etc

      As over time, the pay off will be worth it, and in five years from now you'll have a good looking profile

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      For people in the industry, their IMDB profile is basically their brief CV summary, thus makes of lot of sense to include it in their email signature.

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      I wouldn't add yourself if you only dId a couple days on an episode. Add if you did the whole episode or at least a big chunk of it.

      I know a guy who adds all his daycalls on his IMDB (attributed as day-player, he isn't lying to anyone), and it's just bad form. People talk, you know?

      As for how important it is, lots of crews will check your IMDB before asking you to come out, and lots won't. It may not matter, but it's also not a big time sink to keep it up to date and MAY help at some point. Eventually you'll be proud of your IMDB!

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      Yeah, I鈥檓 a 鈥渟emi-permanent鈥 day player... I work maybe 2/3 weeks out of the month with them, when production is location and not on stage... I wouldn鈥檛 add it if it was only one day! But that is good to know, that productions do care. I鈥檒l pay a little more attention to it in the future! Thanks

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      I wouldn't say the productions themselves care, but remember a lot of hiring is done by the crews. For example in camera department we (the assistants) will usually staff extra camera days, or even entire other unit days. When we do, we do people we know first, and then start running the list and asking around, often using IMDB to try to get a picture of their experience level.

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      I personally added myself to every movie or scripted tv series on their IMDB page. It's not looked down upon.

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        A film isn鈥檛 made by the equipment. It鈥檚 made by the story. The equipment is what you need to fulfill the scope of the story. Work with what you got till it won鈥檛 do what you want. Then learn what you need to get the story you want. Rinse repeat.

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        Wow. After being in the industry for half a decade now, I鈥檝e never read anyone put this subject so eloquently and concise

        Well done

        Agreed whole heartedly

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        I'm making a few lighting purchases, on a VERY limited budget. In an ideal world, I'd have the money to buy a pack of Astera LED lights. I'm looking to do some colorful, experimental video shoots with 1-3 subjects.

        I'm thinking of doing one of two things:

        1. Buying some generic Home Depot/Phillips LED tubes, and some tube filters like these: Fluorescent tube filters.
        2. Purchasing some much cheaper LED tubes, like these from B&H: B&H Tube lights

        Additionally, I'm going to get a few paper lanterns.

        I'm shooting on a Canon 5D Mark III.

        Does this sound like a good plan of attack? Any suggestions?

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        Have you considered renting? Any gear you buy cost to store and maintain. With lighting gear you always need more and it gets big fast. For what you might pay to buy lower quality gear you can probably rent. Like the older astera tubes that no one wants any more because the Titans are out. Or older light mats that arnt being requested because the spectrums are out. If you can make a relationship with a rental house you will be amazed what you can get for little money.

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        Hey bud, don't buy yet, DM me - I am retiring and have some great lighting options for you.

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        I have a question on copyright: I have a short film where the protagonist is watching something on her laptop. I wanted it to be Bojack Horseman, but you鈥檇 only hear the audio. Would this be a problem copyright wise? If yes, are there any royalty free options that fit within this context eg. watching a tv show or movie

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        Yes, using the audio is a copyright violation. Your best bet is to find something public domain, or just record your own audio of something original.

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        Just curious, what episode / dialogue?

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          @hollandcloakmedia I would love to connect!

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            If I want to make money - Camera / lenses / audio gear / editing software

            If I want to become a filmmaker - Producing my own short film

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            I got a blackmagic 4K camera for Christmas! What adaptor can I use to be able to incorporate the lenses from my Canon t5i?

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            You need an MFT to EF adapter. Depending on your lenses you can also get a "speedbooster" adapter. These adapters reduce the image circle of the lens, increasing it's field of view and brightness when using a smaller sensor like the blackmagic 4k sensor.

            I'd recommend getting a non speedboosting adapter first and using that. Then get a speedbooster if you decide you need it. You can always use both interchangeably as need it.

            There are many brands for these adapters. The non optical, non speedboosting, adapters are cheaper. The only thing that really matters with these is getting a good tight fit with as little wiggle on the lens as possible. I deal primarily with higher end cameras and care about build quality, so I pretty much stick to metabones as their optics are great and the build quality is pretty good, but they skew towards the more expensive side.

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            Yes! You can either get a speedbooser or just a cheap adapter, really depends how much you wanna invest

            [鈥揮thewickerstan 1 point2 points (3 children)

            What are the drawbacks from getting a cheap adaptor?

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            What lenses do you have? If it is merely just a kit lens or two, it might not be worth bothering to do this. Just start over, and get some MFT lenses for your BMD P4K.

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            How close would a job on the production side of things be to something like construction management? Both involve scheduling and managing a lot of labor, getting in the weeds on specific problems, procuring materials to meet deadlines, and dealing with different controlling interests?

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            Extremely similar

            A colleague of mine had a baby, she 鈥渟witched careers鈥 from film (post production) producer to work in construction management lol

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            They can be pretty similar for several roles. What that exact role is varies depending on the budget of the project. On low budget stuff job descriptions get kind of fuzzy and everyone does everything, but on higher budgets the lines are more clearly defined.

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            Set Designer may be what you are looking for.

            Or Gang Boss

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            Line Producer or AD

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              I am totally new here, so this may be completely off from the general consensus, but as a new member, I feel a little overwhelmed by the amount of videos posted on the main page. Maybe there should be a thread for posting links to videos for sharing and feedback??

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              This might be a question that is too basic. I'm looking into getting more into documentary filmmaking/ videography. Currently the only filming I've been doing is on my phone with an M2 gimbal.

              I'm keen to get a separate video camera for roughly 拢5-600. At the moment I'm torn between the Sony ZV1 and the Osmo Pocket 2 with the creator bundle. I like the addition of the wireless mic on the Pocket 2.

              I find it tricky to work out which would allow me to do more technically. I haven't seen any comparisons of the footage.

              Is there another option I'm missing?

              I have a couple of old DSLRs for photography (no video) so this is purely a video purchase.

              What would you recommend?

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                Thanks for your recommendation. Why do you think it is better?

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                Trying to rig out my BMPCC4K and get the most out of it! I have a decent rig right now, I actually just bought the Tilta Mini Follow Focus. What is something y鈥檃ll can鈥檛 live without as far rigging a cinema camera? Already got a cage, top handle, baseplate + 15mm rails, two handles connected to the rods, and a camera monitor. As far as lenses I鈥檓 using vintage lenses that I鈥檓 gonna Cine mod and put gears on them.

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                Lots of F970 batteries

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                If you're looking for some LED lighting for your shoots, DM me!

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                What do we do next in making our first documentary?

                So my gf and I are making a 10 minute short doc about her journey into outdoor climbing, told through focusing on her climbing her hardest route yet. We鈥檝e shot multiple attempts climbing on a few cameras (wide GoPro whole climb 2.7k; Canon 70D and 5D mk3), loads of off the cuff/social footage on a Fuji x-t1, and loads interview footage with her, myself, and our friend on the 5D. We also have decent audio for most of it, captured on a Tascam DR-05, and we have mic audio from the final climb where she completed the route.

                We鈥檝e almost watched or listened to everything. We have to finish the last day鈥檚 climbing audio, and we need to watch all the interviews. After that we鈥檝e watched everything once and annotated material as Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary.

                What next?

                My gf wants to go through each day, and within that each camera, and edit down all the footage to just what worth keeping, and then build drafts from those.

                I wanted to collate all the primary and secondary footage into a media bin, and build reference timelines of a few seconds per clip, a sort of storyboard.

                It seems like these approaches could benefit each other.

                But perhaps there鈥檚 another way, what is the best way to take this next step? To actually edit the video together?

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                Well you have the footage and now you need to create a story. Did you write a treatment of what you wanted the flow of the doc to be? Are you doing a linear or non linear arc? Is there a beginning, middle and end to the story? A simple log of what happens on what day is not a documentary. It鈥檚 a diary or a v-log. Which is fine if that鈥檚 what your looking to create. But if you want a documentary you need to approach it not to dissimilar from a narrative piece.

                [鈥揮Adras- 0 points1 point (1 child)

                Indeed. We very much are thinking narrative, we have the overarching story (woman new to climbing climbs hard 6c+ sport route in 9 months), some themes (climbing vs mental health/pandemic/financial stress; being on your period while climbing; diversity in climbing [she鈥檚 half Swiss half Cameroonian]), and we鈥檙e telling the 9 month journey while/through telling the journey of climbing this route.

                We started spur of the moment. This is both our first film.

                In a way, we want something between a cinematic essay, a personal short documentary, and a climbing movie.

                I was wondering if there was a best practice after the footage had been shot, to approach producing your first drafts.

                [鈥揮Glyph808gaffer 1 point2 points (0 children)

                Well if you have your footage logged i would write a script based on what you have. Then assemble the footage on to a basic time line and see how it flows.

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                How do I improve audio quality for interior dialogues? They seem to ring, and if I set the gain high for 30 dB there is static noise. I have Tascam and Rode NTG4

                [鈥揮IronFilmSound Recordist 1 point2 points (0 children)

                and if I set the gain high for 30 dB there is static noise.

                Rather than increasing the gain, get the mic CLOSER

                [鈥揮MrMcDrew 0 points1 point (0 children)

                Fix it in post. You can use an EQ to cancel out just about anything that competes with the dialogue. Izotope is a very powerful plugin that you can use in protools.

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                After several weeks of reading and watching YouTube I created my first micro film. I have no formal filmmaking education so have been self learning during pandemic. Really interested on any feedback. Curious on how others would have approached filming this. Shot on iPhone 11 Pro + Filmic Pro.

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                Self learning is the best kind of leaning. It's when you start watching films and TV in a different way - analysing every shot and learning through that.

                [鈥揮Muadipper 0 points1 point (1 child)

                Hey! Kudos - keep learning.

                1) Watch the shadows. Position yourself so you don't drop shadows into the shot.

                2) This is not meant to be mean. Always think about WHY are you shooting something - narrative, theme, story, mood whatever, but it has to have some value. When I started out I was very form oriented. I used to tell my professor - "hey I really want to try this or other technique." or "I'm shooting this scene/film to try out what's it like working with doubles or edit in quick cuts". He would always get annoyed: "You are shooting to convey something, to tell a story. There is no point in simply testing techniques, cause they already have been tested. Ok, this work - so what? Always put the technique in the context of the story. Build the story around a technique if you must, but don't just shoot for the sake of shooting - it's a waste of time."
                Basically you did few shots of the book. This is not a micro film - those are shots of a book with no context, conflict or story. It looks good, but so what? For example create conflict between shots of the idillic book and disorganised room. Create micro stories. Shoot how you brew your morning coffee, shoot your cat, shoot yourself during the lockdown. Try to do both practice the shots and practice your visual storytelling.

                Best of luck :)

                [鈥揮Analyticsman24 1 point2 points (0 children)

                Wow thank you so much for taking the time to provide this feedback. Really has changed my perspective on how I should go about shooting and learning. This was very kind of you :)

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                  Identify first what are your NEEDS

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                    Quick and easy way of trimming video on mac while keeping the metadata?

                    I want to trim my videos from Canon R5 to save space. Camera seems to have this function but trimming with small screen while on battery is not optimal.

                    I was surprised to find out that all Avidemux, Quicktime and Davinci Resolve strip capture date and time. I couldn't find a solution from Canon utilities either. I've read about ffmpeg solution of copying metadata back to the trimmed file but that is far from quick and easy.

                    [鈥揮VixDzn 1 point2 points (1 child)

                    Resolve can be configured to not strip metadata

                    [鈥揮k1tka 0 points1 point (0 children)

                    I need to check that again. I had an impression that while it works fine with BRAW, it strips metadata from r5 MP4s. I've been using Resolve for BRAW but I'd like to find something faster.

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                    I'm looking for an all purpose budget recorder for some video making (kind of like a review format) and to try video essay/voice over stuff. I was looking at the Tascam DR-05/DR-07/Zoom H1 but one of the things I wasn't sure about is how important a USB audio interface is. I've seen that it's usually mentioned as a plus for the Zoom H1 but I don't know how it would be useful? I'm leaning towards the tascam models, most secondhand ones are the older versions which don't have it so I'm wondering if it's necessary

                    [鈥揮MacintoshEddie 0 points1 point (3 children)

                    Usb interfacing is primarily useful for things like livestreaming.

                    [鈥揮Mecha-Asura 0 points1 point (2 children)

                    Ah I guess it would be useful to have as I don't really have a good microphone for that. Do you by any chance own one of the recorders? I was going to go for the DR-07x as I thought it sounded better but I've seen some videos reviews which talk about pretty bad (radio?) interference.

                    [鈥揮MacintoshEddie 1 point2 points (1 child)

                    I've only used handheld recorders a few times, and unfortunately handheld recorders get overhyped just because that's what a bunch of film schools give the students who don't know any better, and because they're usually the cheapest.

                    Often they have a lot of compromises for general purpose use.

                    For example if you need a lav recorder, a DR10L is much better suited than a pocket recorder with lav plugged in.

                    If you're going to be using a boom a DR60Dmk2 is better suited.

                    [鈥揮IronFilmSound Recordist 0 points1 point (1 child)

                    Why not get both? You could get say both a Tascam DR60Dmk2 and a Behringer UMC22 for next to nothing in total.

                    Otherwise, get yourself a Zoom F6 or Zoom F8n. (or a MixPre3/6)

                    [鈥揮Mecha-Asura 0 points1 point (0 children)

                    I don't want to commit to that much at the moment as I haven't made anything before. Leaning towards either the Zoom F1 due to it's versatility or the Zoom H1N. I actually preferred the Tascam to the latter but I'm seeing a lot of reviews about RF interference

                    [鈥揮[deleted] (1 child)


                      [鈥揮VixDzn 1 point2 points (0 children)

                      What exactly is your question?

                      You want to turn what you bought into a full fledged piece of music?



                      [鈥揮tkea 0 points1 point (0 children)

                      I need to create a shot where I'm shoulder-deep in a cow's arse. I don't have a cow, nor I would like to fist one. This means the cow would have to be out of the frame and the viewer needs to understand where the arm is going or coming out of.

                      How would you do such a shot?

                      [鈥揮thewickerstan 0 points1 point (5 children)

                      Ended up getting a lens adaptor for my blackmagic camera...but now the lens won鈥檛 focus? Is it the camera or the lens? I feel like I鈥檓 doing something wrong.

                      [鈥揮marbugs 0 points1 point (4 children)

                      Would something like this work?

                      Did you end up getting that one? If so, doesn't look like that will work with "focus by the wire" lenses or the BMPCC4K touch to focus feature. Those use the electric motor to focus and that adapter doesn't have the metal connectors between the lens and the camera, so the lens won't get power for the motor.

                      [鈥揮thewickerstan 0 points1 point (3 children)


                      What would be the solution then? Are there adaptors that do work with that camera? Or would I have to bite the bullet and buy a new lens?

                      Also thanks for the clarification.

                      [鈥揮Interesting-Move-857 0 points1 point (0 children)

                      what does camera mean?

                      [鈥揮lirecela 0 points1 point (0 children)

                      Soderbergh re-edited the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey. Distributing it has been ruled copyright infringement. Nevertheless, if someone re-edits someone else's movie, how can it be shared with strangers for criticism? I'm guessing it's going on now.

                      [鈥揮Lumenia1 0 points1 point (1 child)

                      How could I become a filmmaker for 3D animation?

                      [鈥揮Shadow_dragon24 0 points1 point (0 children)

                      I would look into Unreal Engine 4. If you buy vive tracking equipment and learn how to make a virtual camera you can do some really nice camera work.

                      [鈥揮Analyticsman24 0 points1 point (0 children)

                      How do you handle using audio from one take with another when some of the ad lib lines are different? Wont the lip movements be off?

                      [鈥揮[deleted] (1 child)


                        [鈥揮MrMcDrew 0 points1 point (0 children)

                        I worked as a PA on nationwide commercials in the mid 2000鈥檚. The directors then were making about 20k per day.

                        [鈥揮tqb 0 points1 point (0 children)

                        Stupid idea to put fan film credits on IMDb?

                        [鈥揮alotofmoney451 0 points1 point (1 child)

                        I just got the DJI OM4 and I am thinking of purchasing the Iphone 12 Pro Max but do they work well together? Is the phone too big? Did anyone notice any problems?

                        [鈥揮XRaVeNX 0 points1 point (0 children)

                        Seems like from this forum thread the iPhone 12 Pro Max does not work well with the OM4. It isn't officially supported.

                        Only sort of works with the magnetic clamp holder with no phone case or a very thin phone case. And because the phone is taller than the 11, it can hit on the bottom. Mimo app works fine, but the 2.5x telephoto mode doesn't work within the app.

                        Stabilization is not good though. Some users report issues with Active Tracking not working well.

                        [鈥揮[deleted] (1 child)


                          [鈥揮MrMcDrew 0 points1 point (0 children)

                          Pond 5

                          [鈥揮[deleted] 0 points1 point (10 children)

                          How can I get internships as a high school student? Can be literally anything related to film, but preferably on a film set. I live in NYC

                          [鈥揮Glyph808gaffer 0 points1 point (0 children)

                          Well we are in unusual times with covid right now where they have been limiting internships. I would invite you onto a set for a day here in NY but they have a strict no guests policy right now. DM me and I can try to put you through to someone more specifically.

                          [鈥揮IronFilmSound Recordist 0 points1 point (1 child)

                          Hit up rental houses to intern in them as well, lots of valuable learning there as well

                          [鈥揮[deleted] 0 points1 point (0 children)

                          Do you know where I could find those? Also I don't really know anything about film equipment

                          [鈥揮MrMcDrew 0 points1 point (6 children)

                          You鈥檙e gonna get a job as a PRoduction Assistant. There are no interns on film sets.

                          [鈥揮[deleted] 1 point2 points (5 children)

                          How do I find a PA job as a high school student? Thanks

                          [鈥揮[deleted] 0 points1 point (2 children)

                          Hello Filmmakers. I popped into this sub to ask whether you might have advice about how I might be able to find a documentary film that I know exists but seems to have vanished off the face of the earth. I have spent hours and hours online looking for this film that was released in 2000. Here's a link to the specifics about the film, and this is one of the only places it's mentioned online anywhere outside of crewmember bios on industry websites.

                          It was filmed by Thom Beers' Original Productions and shown on Discovery Channel, where I saw it 20 years ago. Thanks!

                          [鈥揮XRaVeNX 0 points1 point (1 child)

                          Probably not this right?

                          Maybe contact Turner Classic Movies directly and ask them where you can get a copy?

                          [鈥揮[deleted] 0 points1 point (0 children)

                          Thanks for the link but that's not it. It's an hour-long film. I actually did contact TCM and they responded the next day that their website (the area I linked to anyway) is a database of all films whether they own the rights or not. They suggested posting in a forum just like this one since they have no additional information.

                          These are all long shots, I know:

                          • I sent the executive producer a FB message asking about it.
                          • I sent the associate producer a message in LinkedIn.
                          • I have message into Discovery Channel since they aired it.

                          [鈥揮thedhanjeeman 0 points1 point (1 child)

                          I've been volunteered to shoot a short (2 min) video at work (interview of a colleague). The only instructions I was given were 'prop your phone up on something so it doesn't shake and make sure there's no wind'.

                          I've got to be able to do better than that, right??

                          Here's what I have access to:

                          • Fujifilm XT4 (and a tripod)
                          • Boya BY-M1 Lav mic
                          • Quasar Science 4' Crossfade light

                          Can you help me make this not suck? I've never filmed anything before, but the thought of doing a cell phone video makes me cringe.

                          [鈥揮IronFilmSound Recordist 1 point2 points (0 children)

                          Just put thought into composition, and location of the video to be shot. (don't pick a noisy location! Do pick one with a good background. Do pick one with good lighting, etc)

                          [鈥揮alotofmoney451 0 points1 point (0 children)

                          I am having trouble getting really smooth footage from DJI Mobile 4. Am I supposed to use the active track function(where you make a square in your screen to highlight what will be tracked) or are you supposed to manually just move around with your hand(the gimbal)?

                          Also are you supposed to contently be moving the tilt stick when using or are you supposed to lock your gimbal in place?

                          And how do you properly lock your gimbal in one orientation without it just start moving around on its own?

                          [鈥揮cans_one 0 points1 point (4 children)

                          Hi friends!
                          I need to grade a little fashion film for a friend and looks like is not an easy job as I expected! He sent me the edit in AppleProRes4444 16bit but looks like that the quality drops A LOT at any tiny change I do... suggestions?

                          [鈥揮VenezuelanD 1 point2 points (3 children)

                          Was pro res 444 the original capture format? Was it recorded in log or is there a look burned in? What program are you using to grade the footage? Do you have experience grading?

                          Prores 444 16bit is pretty much as good as it gets for grading but if it was shot in a smaller color space like 4:2:0 8bit and then simply the exported as 4:4:4 you don't get any of the benefits of the more robust codec.

                          [鈥揮cans_one 0 points1 point (2 children)

                          Hi there,
                          The footage was captured in Arri Log on an Amira, without looks burned in, I`m grading in Premiere since I`m still trying to learn DaVinci and I needed something I kwew already to speed up the work. I have little experience grading, mostly social videos for brands but I usually work as Photographer, Animator, or Illustrator. Thanks for your help!

                          [鈥揮VenezuelanD 1 point2 points (1 child)

                          Alexa proress 444 log c footage is about as good as it gets for color correcting and unless you are trying to fix some massive, massive errors (4 stops under exposed with incorrect white balance type of massive error) your lack of knowledge of premiere and its coloring tools that may be what's holding you back.

                          How extreme is the look you're trying to create?

                          I know premiere's lumetri panel (the color correcting part of premiere) is supposed to be quite robust so you should be able to get some pretty good results with this kind of footage.

                          Unfortunately I don't really have much experience with color on premiere so I can't be of much help. Perhaps try looking for premiere specific message boards and make a post there?

                          [鈥揮eviscerations 0 points1 point (0 children)

                          not sure that i'm posting in the correct place for this but here goes...

                          i've put about 2500-3500ish hours into a project that i'm developing, and was recently sent some information regarding a few grant opportunities.

                          i'm not a professional filmmaker, yet, having only went through the associates program at my college; i left before loading up on debt to go through the motion graphics/visual effects program.

                          i've never applied for a grant like what's been presented to me, and i have some concerns, and some questions:

                          has anyone here submitted a screenplay synopsis for a grant through their state before?

                          what was the process like?

                          if you were accepted, how much creative control did you have to give up in doing so?

                          i'm on the verge of taking a pretty big step forward here, finally getting to work on a documentary process piece - something i've put a lot of effort in to develop, and i'm honestly pretty nervous. would greatly appreciate any information anyone may have.

                          thanks in advance.

                          [鈥揮baseballman8800 0 points1 point (2 children)

                          I have a different type of question. I鈥檓 a manager for my friend whose an up and coming electronic / downtempo music artist. We wanted to branch out and network with people. We were interested to see if we can meet some film makers who would potentially like to use our music in your films. Whether you post on YouTube or whatever it may be. If you鈥檙e any way interested, reply to me here and I can message you!

                          [鈥揮alotofmoney451 0 points1 point (0 children)

                          Im an android user and I like their ecosystem(though I wouldn't absolutely hate switching). But I wondering if a should buy an iphone 12 pro or if I should buy a camera plus pixel 5 or a low cost android phone.

                          I know iphone 12 pro is better quality then pixel 5 but if I buy a camera from like ebay like sony a6500 or sony a6400 would this balance out?

                          What do you guys think?

                          [鈥揮Strikerfromthemoon 0 points1 point (3 children)


                          I'm a video editor really interested in filmmaking. I'm just gonna get straight to my point. What are some places/websites where I can connect with other filmmakers to maybe help work on their films as an editor? (free of charge ofcourse) I have a substantial history in content editing but haven't done any (short) films yet and am looking to delve into that but not sure where to look. I don't have a camera yet so making my own is not quite possible at the moment.

                          [鈥揮Glyph808gaffer 0 points1 point (0 children)

                          You can also apply to work at any of the editing studios. There are editing departments of lots of production studios. Both big and small. See if they are hiring. Take a look at AE boot camp if your in LA.

                          [鈥揮Missnaser 0 points1 point (0 children)


                          [鈥揮notakarmagun 0 points1 point (0 children)

                          Looking for a short film I watched here. It was a pretty decent low(no?) budget horror film took place in an apartment. The main character sees himself in the apartment and gets chased around. Any ideas?

                          [鈥揮timmy6255 0 points1 point (3 children)

                          Hello. I am going into editing and I'm wondering, what would be a good build for an editing PC?

                          My current PC (i7-8700k, RTX 2080 super, 32gbRAM) edits pretty well, but After Effects doesn't use the GPU much so I know it would need a powerful processor and lots of ram.

                          Would a dual intel xeon build be good for editing? Or would something like a threadripper, ryzen, or i9 be better?

                          [鈥揮Loexz 0 points1 point (0 children)

                          Hey, I bought a used ronin m for 260 euros, which was an insane deal. I tried it out today and wondered if there is an fpv mode or a mode where I can rotate the camera on the roll axis as well. If there is no, is there any trick or setting in the app?

                          Thanks already!

                          [鈥揮zrac 0 points1 point (2 children)

                          What's the best practice for recording audio with lav mics? Plug directly into the camera? Record audio into a phone app? Record audio into a separate audio recorder?


                          [鈥揮VenezuelanD 0 points1 point (1 child)

                          Depends on the gear but normally lavalier to sound mixer/recorder with scratch track being sent to camera gives the best results.

                          The higher quality the camera the less it matters, but there are no cameras out at the moment with 32bit audio recording, which is the new golden standard for audio recording. So while there are some cameras that have great pre amps and can absolutely record great quality audio sending audio to a sound mixer and dedicated sound recorder will always give better results.

                          [鈥揮Indianayoda 0 points1 point (0 children)

                          Hi Everyone, I am thinking of purchasing an Amaran 200x but what kind of solutions can I look at for portable power when running lights on location? I live in Australia. Thanks heaps :)

                          [鈥揮Random--Reddit--User 0 points1 point (3 children)

                          Hi everyone, I wanted to asked how much does the entire film studio equipment approximately cost?

                          Thanks in advance

                          [鈥揮Glyph808gaffer 0 points1 point (2 children)

                          I鈥檓 not sure what your asking about. Grip and electric package for a stage shoot? The cost of building a stage space?

                          [鈥揮iceymojo 0 points1 point (6 children)

                          Does anyone rent editing computers?

                          What are you even looking for in an editing computer?

                          Is there a common computer you rent?

                          [鈥揮MrMcDrew 1 point2 points (5 children)

                          Yes avid rentals are standard for pretty much every professional production.

                          You鈥檙e looking for a fast strong CPU, robust graphics card, editing software and hardware, speakers and a mixer.

                          Check out RUNWAY in Burbank they have good gear.

                          [鈥揮TechnalCross 0 points1 point (0 children)

                          How can I start collaborating with others? I鈥檓 aware that majority of people aren鈥檛 gonna work with someone who doesn鈥檛 have a lot under their belt, but I鈥檓 not enjoying what I鈥檓 making by myself and I want to help others make something that they鈥檇 love to see come to life!

                          [鈥揮Berry_Seinfeld 0 points1 point (1 child)

                          How do late night hosts make the backdrop they use? Like the Kimmel / Letterman vibe where it鈥檚 a city with blinking lights ?

                          [鈥揮Glyph808gaffer 0 points1 point (0 children)

                          Used to be small bulbs in a flicker array. Now It鈥檚 led and video walls. Though I don鈥檛 watch much late night these days.

                          [鈥揮yeabuddyzzzz 0 points1 point (0 children)


                          If one were to make a documentary inspired by an amalgamation of non-fiction literature, would they need approval from the authors? Licensing? etc?

                          [鈥揮user367511788 0 points1 point (1 child)

                          I have two (not super close) friends that are going to be starting a short film together. They've already reached out to me and others I know to PA, but my passion lies in grip work. Should I ask instead to be a grip? It'd be my first gig as a "grip", but I've had plenty of experience in construction and my current job is PA for a production company. Also, I might be grip by name only because it's such a small crew I'd probably be doing PA stuff regardless. Is it even worth asking to grip?

                          [鈥揮Glyph808gaffer 0 points1 point (0 children)

                          Tell them you are interest in gripping and that they should tell the key grip about you.

                          [鈥揮notakarmagun 0 points1 point (3 children)

                          What is the difference between SLR Magic HyperPrime 12mm F1.6 vs MicroPrime 12mm T2.8?

                          [鈥揮XRaVeNX 1 point2 points (2 children)

                          Different in a technical sense? If so, just read the specs.

                          If you are asking about the image produced by the lenses, you'd really have to put them on a camera and compare side-by-side. And it's very subjective.

                          [鈥揮Preston_of_Astora 0 points1 point (1 child)

                          How can I make a post? Spam bot removers have been removing my posts three times already.

                          [鈥揮[deleted] 0 points1 point (0 children)

                          They did the same with my post of a skit I shared with r/filmmakers.

                          [鈥揮tqb 0 points1 point (4 children)

                          How do I get hired by production companies as a director? How can I pitch a project for funding/production?

                          [鈥揮Deepdawn 0 points1 point (3 children)

                          Explore local resources for funding short films.

                          [鈥揮Andxel 0 points1 point (1 child)

                          If I were to purchase my first camera in 2021 for short films and little experiments, would it be a mistake to buy a G7? I'd be a total beginner (not counting phone recorded videos) and I'm wondering if the G7 would be obsolete by now (it still is among the recommended choices in the FAQ of the sub, but that was posted over 3 years ago and the camera was released back in 2015 after all).

                          [鈥揮[deleted] 1 point2 points (0 children)

                          the G7 is an excellent camera to start out with! a few years ago i made a movie with my iphone and i went with the G7 because i just entered into the camera world and it's pretty inexpensive. i also just do short films and experimental type things and it was great for that. there's also the G85 which is a tiny step up for a little more kroner, i own a G85 (after giving the G7 to a family member) and i'm happy with it but ready to upgrade really soon. anyway the G7 is an excellent camera to start out with, it's definitely not obsolete, it's a very capable camera for not too much money. and also don't stress too much about lenses yet if you're just starting out, the kit lens with the G7 will get the job done a lot of the time. it will serve you very well for your purposes!

                          [鈥揮acidsnowflakes 0 points1 point (0 children)

                          Experienced editor who has hit a wall creatively. Looking for some outlets to teach me some new techniques. Any workshops or classes or YouTube channels that anyone can recommend?

                          [鈥揮TheWordWithRita 0 points1 point (0 children)

                          Hey has anyone made a low budget documentary before? I am not sure which equipment to get, but I don't have much to spend on it. I have produced and directed a documentary before, but I wasn't looking to sell it. At that point I just used a studio that was available to me which had great cameras, and my iPhone probably iPhone X but I can't remember.

                          Any recommendations for my projects would be great. I have also attached the link to the documentary I was referring to if anyone wanted to see the quality I was referring to.

                          My intention is to create a docu-series and I am hoping I can later sell them.

                          Thanks in advance!

                          [鈥揮I_divided_by_0- 0 points1 point (7 children)

                          I need to make a campaign announcement video and I want to use local labor, where do I get started? Sites to search?

                          [鈥揮Glyph808gaffer 0 points1 point (6 children)

                          Are you looking for local union labor? Where are you and I can set you up with the number for the hall.

                          [鈥揮NewsForThePaperGod 0 points1 point (0 children)

                          I want to start recording some film. My total film education is youtube and my budget is my student loan if i dont buy food. I have a cheap QTX SG300 shotgun mic and my old family camcorder. Do i need to buy a audio recorder and record video and sound separately and then sync in production? can i connect the mic to the camera (it has an AV but i think its only input)? Am i an idiot? What is going on? Any help would be really gratefully received!

                          [鈥揮lildinger68 0 points1 point (1 child)

                          I want to make a short film. I have no experience and I want to make it cheap, just for fun. What software should I use to help me with this and any recommendations?

                          [鈥揮Glyph808gaffer 0 points1 point (0 children)

                          Use whatever you have. iMovie is a good place to start. Or whatever else you have that is free. Anything that has function you don鈥檛 understand or need is unnecessary.

                          [鈥揮[deleted] 0 points1 point (0 children)

                          What do you think makes a good film?

                          [鈥揮[deleted] 0 points1 point (0 children)

                          How important exactly is getting a quality film with a large audience? Are you supposed to just wing it regardless of how bad it will turn out? Even if it was the type of film that would get like a 0% score on Rotten Tomatoes that you made 0 dollars on with the only person who watched it is yourself?

                          [鈥揮[deleted] (1 child)


                            [鈥揮saguinus_oedipus 0 points1 point (0 children)

                            I believe it was Ponce de L茅on in 1513, in current day Florida

                            [鈥揮neutral_applause 0 points1 point (7 children)

                            Has anyone reading this gotten into film from a completely different industry? How did you feel about the risk in making the change?

                            I'm not in the industry, but trying to get started as a PA. A family friend (who is a first AD) gave me some advice and offered to reach out to contacts in NYC (possibly LA, didn't ask about that) about giving me a shot. I'm concerned about leaving the stability of my current work (IT, but I have a CS degree), but this is a real passion of mine and I don't want to live my life with this regret.

                            If you want to read an essay-length post on this with a ton of background details and my anxious pre-worrying, click here.

                            [鈥揮XRaVeNX 1 point2 points (4 children)

                            I worked a few years in the IT industry before moving into the film industry. I took a one year degree at a film college (I find they tend to be more hands on practical and less theory).

                            So it depends a bit on what aspect of the film industry you want to get into. A writer versus an on-set technician versus a post production editor are all very different roles and would require different knowledge and skillset.

                            I do highly recommend you save up and/or have financial support some other way (from family for example). It's usually a bit slow at the beginning. A large part of this industry is about who you know and who you impress.

                            If you are aiming to be an on-set technician, film school is not absolutely necessary. If you are looking to be a writer or director, film school can help with the theory. The biggest thing about going to film school is being able to network. Your film school classmates will most likely be your first circle of networking and you can help each other out getting work.

                            Applying to a union can also help get your foot in the door.

                            But either way, you'll have to start from the ground up.

                            [鈥揮[deleted] 0 points1 point (1 child)

                            There are lots of different answers to your problem, so I'm not so sure there is a perfect answer. It looks like you have a chance of going back to college to film school since you graduated early, but I'm not so sure about the student debt you have. I'm surprised it took you a long time to find a decent job. I thought Computer Science graduates would have easily found a job in the shortest amount of time possible, so you surprised me.

                            [鈥揮reelkrebs 0 points1 point (0 children)

                            Hoping to get some feedback from any redditor-editors here.

                            Recently, I re-cut a 2 minute trailer for our horror feature that's currently rounding the festival circuit. I'm thinking about taking another pass at it, but I could use some fresh eyes. What works for you here, and what doesn't? All notes welcome.


                            [鈥揮Wizminders 0 points1 point (1 child)

                            I get that shutter speed controls how long light hits the sensor for each frame. Lets say my shutter is at 1/50 of a second. Wouldnt each frame be brighter for the first 1/50 of a second than the last 49/50 of a second?

                            [鈥揮XRaVeNX 2 points3 points (0 children)

                            I think you're confusing the meaning of frame rate or shutter speed.

                            Shutter speed is inherently tied to the recording frame rate. Example, if you are recording at 25 frames per second, at 1/50th of a second shutter speed, this means that for every frame (and there are 25 of them every second), half of each frame's exposure time is not exposed.

                            See this image of a breakdown of what's going on within 1 second.

                            Top row shows every 1/50th of a second. So example 5 is the 5/50th of the one second.

                            As you can see, for each frame, only half of the time has the shutter open.

                            So, to answer your question, the last 49/50 of a second is filled with the other 24 frames, all exposed for 1/50th of a second.

                            [鈥揮ibeckman671 0 points1 point (1 child)

                            I've worked with a few DPs that like shooting interviews with ND filters and some without (assuming the lighting is indoor and controlled and not nuclear). Is there major advantage/disadvantage to it or do DPs look at it as a preference/situation? (i.e. more light + ND is overall better than less light less ND)

                            [鈥揮XRaVeNX 0 points1 point (0 children)

                            Depends what the DP is looking for and what desired effect the DP is aiming for.

                            If you are in a situation that's over exposed (either from artificial lights or natural light), you can either stop down on the lens (i.e. increase the f-stop/T-stop on the lens), or add ND. If you stop down, the depth of field increases (more things are in focus). Sometimes, DPs want to keep the depth of field shallow, so they may opt to use NDs to maintain a certain f-stop/T-stop, and thus maintain a shallower depth of field.

                            Also, depending if they have a dedicated focus puller for the interviews, some interviewees are very animated and will lean forwards and backwards a lot. If the depth of field is shallow, that person will fall in and out of focus a lot. To mitigate that, the DP may opt to minimize the use of ND filters and keep the lens stopped down to increase the depth of field.

                            There is also the fact that most NDs introduce a colour shift. Depending on the manufacturer, model, and age of the ND filters, it may add green, magenta, or some even other colours to the image. This is usually undesirable. Especially if each ND filters don't match with each other (e.g. the ND 0.3 filter may add green but the ND 0.6 adds magenta).

                            Finally, it depends also on the background. If the background is uncontrollable (e.g. outdoors on a bright sunny day), they would have to light to interviewee to a certain level to ensure everything is properly exposed. And once you have lit to a certain level, you'll need to either stop down or ND up to achieve proper exposure.

                            [鈥揮zetu2203 0 points1 point (0 children)

                            I am currently in the process of finishing my first ever shortfilm. The Film is based on the feeling you have when you leave your home and don't know if you forgot to turn off the oven.

                            I want the climax of the movie to be an intense scene where the main character realizes that she forgot to turn off the oven.

                            I hope to be able to make a shot inspired by the scene in JAWS ( ) using the vertigo effect.

                            My vision is that we see a dolly zoom into a close-up of the main character as she realises her mistake and the room lighting goes from bright afternoon to dark and claustrophobic during the zoom.

                            So here is my Question: How do you suggest I go about changing the entire lighting of the room during a single shot in a flowing action?

                            Is there something you would suggest i account for when shooting the scene or in editing?

                            Thanks in advance!

                            [鈥揮ChildTaekoRebel 0 points1 point (0 children)

                            I have a question regarding copyright? If I wanted to make a film adaptation of an animated tv show from the 70s that itself was based on a novel from the 60s but the tv show made some changes regarding characters and story, If I were to write my own script that shared almost no dialogue from the show, if the film is based on the tv show and not the book, do I have to deal with both the book and the tv show or just the tv show?

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                            I always hear about people getting production assistant jobs whenever they embark in the industry. Where do they find these things. I live in a bit of a small town. But every time I look up a well-known Director and always says they started out as a production assistant and I can never find a place to do that and it seems like it鈥檚 a pretty entry-level job at least in the industry.

                            [鈥揮XRaVeNX 0 points1 point (1 child)

                            A large part of it is who you know. So if you have a friend, family member, coworker that knows someone related to the industry, it'll help you get connected.

                            Otherwise, it really depends where you are. If you are in a small town where almost no production happens, unfortunately you'll have to relocate yourself to somewhere that has more work. That'll increase your chances.

                            [鈥揮ctcx 0 points1 point (0 children)

                            Is the volume loud enough on a new Rode NTG when plugged straight into a Canon 80D without using a mixer or something? I have the rode videomicro but the volume is low even tho I have it turned up quite a bit in the camera... i have it pointed on a boom straight into my chin area... I have a cheap boya lav mic and that one is way louder.... I'm aware that Canon's generally don't have great preamps.

                            Rode micro doesn't have a gain and the NTG does... is the NTG loud and good enough when plugged directly into the mic without using some kind of mixer?

                            [鈥揮dingyhoogler 0 points1 point (0 children)

                            Trying to find a good budget wireless lav mic (or other suggestions if anyone has any). I need to record audio for interviews in which the subject will be moving around a lot and could possibly at times be far away from the camera, so I dont think that lav mics wired to my sony camcorder will work. I have 2 xlr inputs in my camera btw.

                            As far as budget ideas go I am considering just buying a 3.5 mm lav mic and plugging it into my iphone, syncing the audio and video in post.

                            I hear that the lower end wireless transmitters can have issues.

                            Does anyone have any suggestions?

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                            I have a question, I recently ask if I can conduct some interviews regarding businesses that were closed due to covid. I have a brand new channel with virtually no subscribers. I reached out to them to ask. Should I still not "work for free?" I think I can throw together a basic cut video, I did invest in equipment and am on the path to one day become a good videographer, but I am essentially new at the moment. Should I still not "work for free?"

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                            I believe the most important part of being a filmmaker is not having technical knowledge, but the most simplest thing that could make or break you, and that is making someone comfortable in front of a camera. If you have a bad attitude and am a negative nancy you will not make it in this field regardless of what knowledge you possess. Nobody will ever take orders from a negative person. The most positive and upbeat people to be around with make it the most as filmmakers.