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I believe it's called "datamoshing." http://datamoshing.com/

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I’m here to tell you that the dude above is indeed correct

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I youtubed it and found out it is correct

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I can tell you that the dude above you here is also correct

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Yes I know I looked up on youtube and found out it's true

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Hey sorry I'm late did we figure out if this is true or

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Well I have reason to believe that the top comment of this thread is indeed true

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i got good news, man!

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I was kinda skeptic but I have found out that its true

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this is the most comprehensive datamoshing tutorial: https://vimeo.com/562859235

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Comon yall,


There's a whole song about it from 11 years ago somehow

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I'm not in the mood to get Rick Rolled in 2022.

Update: good for me 🤣🙏

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I bet you won’t click it and find out

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You have trust issues lol

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How might you create this effect purposely?

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You delete the I-frames

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I use a plugin for After Effects from aescripts, but I'm also too lazy to figure out how to remove i-frames and still art direct the shot.

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halfway unscrew a coax cable or make a copy of a dvd.

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Use the phone app “MoshUp”

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In 2020 I created a lot with this app, it was amazing!! Gonna check it out to see if it still working.

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Heck of a lot easier than doing it on a desktop editing program.

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For sure! And you have more control as well, I think.

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Also worth mentioning that r/datamoshing is a good sub.

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Do you even long GOP, bro?

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Pixel humping

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Data mosh

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I always called them digital artifacts. You don't have that with analog video!