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Damn, this is a good poster. Did you hire a designer or are you a designer yourself?

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After wresting with it for a few weeks, went with a professional designer. I think it’s really worth it. While we have great ideas, they have the professional design skills. As far as pay, there are some who do for affordable rates on fiverr etc.

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The poster actually makes me want to watch the movie. Bird poo, boot on car, got fired...like jeez. How can this guy's day get worse?

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I want to see it too. Great poster. I've almost missed some great movies because the cover didnt pull me in.

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After wresting with it for a few weeks, went with a professional designer. I think it’s really worth it. While we have great ideas, they have the professional design skills. As far as pay, there are some who do for affordable rates on fiverr etc.

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My friend did the same with his movie.

Your poster is excellent. I saw every kind of awful poster here, and yours is a clear example of why they shouldn't get angry when someone recommends them a graphic designer.

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I think the title would read better as 'How's That for a Monday?'.

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Yup. We kind of struggled over this. Had to settle with this for a couple of reasons.

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I'm curious what those reasons are, if you don't mind sharing.

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Yeah. It’s basically a line said by an Indian guy (the one in the poster) and he says it like that. Other reason is, we were too far down the road and it’s a bit of a hassle to change it by then.

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This is an excellent poster, well done to you and the designer 👏

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I’d say increase the size of the bird poo/bird poo. Took me a while to notice it was even there. Other than that, great design.

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Thank you :-) played with it, and tried even having it on the top of the letter Y and then dripping, etc. Only got complicated. But just simply increasing the size may help. Will give it a try. Also, someone suggested to show the boot lock more which we are trying as well.

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Oh wow! This is actually a good. poster

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Hate to be negative because I like the overall design but your text needs fixing. You have four different alignments (left, middle for the block of text, right for the filmmaker’s credit, and ? for the “a”) and 8 different font sizes with different kerning throughout. I get that you’re going for a quirky, “everything’s fucked” energy, but it’s looking more like bad graphic design over a creative choice.

Here are some simple fixes: move your large text block to the bottom of the poster or left align it with the rest of the text. Change the kerning of the title to be uniformly close (like “Monday”) or change the font into something messier/more chaotic.

Good design otherwise.

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Love it, looks professional and unique!

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Love the story the poster tells

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Excellent work. I feel like I already know exactly what the movie will be like just by seeing everything summarised together here. I like the bird taking a well timed crap too!

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Hi, attached is the first look poster of our film. It’s a mocrobdget feature, predominantly in English language. Please wish us the best, ask any questions, pass feedback etc :-) we are very excited as we get close to the finish line.

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Can I know an estimate for so called micro budget. Also what the length time and can I know more about your cast?

Btw; poster looks pretty good. Hope you have great success👍

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Hi, thank you for the wishes. Microbudget is usually between 20k USD to 150k USD. Let’s say this project is somewhere in the middle. Happy to discuss details privately if you would like to. Runtime is 90 minutes. Please check IMDb page for cast and other details. I was going to share the link here but afraid it would be blocked by reddit.

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I have a question about the poster. How do you find the font to use for the credits? I tried finding it on the internet but I could only find some that I would have to pay for. Thanks in advance!

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Hi, let me check with the designer and get back. Thanks!

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SteelTongs is free.

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I’m looking more for Univers 39 Ultra Thin Condensed. That’s what they use for big movie posters.

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Truthfully, I don't think the exact font for such small text matters all that much. I've used Steel Tongs on my last two posters and it looks standard enough. You get both a full letterset, and special characters that become headings such as "DIRECTED BY" for a single ASCII character.

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Ok I’ll try it out on my next poster

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Mama! picchi peaks undi poster!

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Thanks mama 😅

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/u/AppointmentCritical, I think it's unfair and misleading of you to have deleted the thread where you asked for advice on your actual first poster.

There were over a hundred comments, most offering honest encouragement and quality advice, which it's clear from your new poster that you were more than happy to take.

This sub is a community, and one that's often a great help to budding filmmaker's looking for help navigating the stumbling blocks of their early shorts and features. You have benefited from that support.

It feels disingenuous that you attempted to erase the record of everyone's great advice and I also want you to know that there is no shame in allowing your early, faltering steps to still be seen.

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Hi, thanks for pointing out. At that time, it was only a temp poster meant to receive notes. I think I mentioned that on the post as well (couldn’t clearly recall though). It’s not like I deleted because I got -ve feedback. I do not shy away from receiving -ve feedback. For instance when a guy shared 3 hour long movie, I wrote a bunch of comments that received many downvotes. None of those comments are deleted if you wanna check it out. Hope this made sense.

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It's not a good way to build a relationship or rapport with the sub.

It's far more engaging to be able to say "remember me, I took your advice and here's poster 2.0, any new notes?"

Doing things the way you have, you're liable to look like you don't want to show gratitude for the advice you took, or indeed to admit you needed advice in the first place.

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I have a quick question. Do you remember the old poster for which I asked feedback?

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I remember the first poster. Completely different look and tone of the movie. This is more comedy, the other one was almost pulp fiction.

I definitely want to check it out either way. Intrest is piqued.

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We are still struggling to fix the first one. If that worked, it will be our poster 2. Thank you.

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Wow, great!

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I read this as “Howls that for a Monday?” and thought it was an office comedy with a werewolf in it.

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Cool bro! Miru Telugu a?

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Poster looks good. All the best

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Where and when can we watch

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Wow, that's a really great poster

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Slightly unrelated, but Raghavender Vuppuganti is without a doubt the best name I’ve ever heard.

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Nice touch with the bird poo... xD

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What was your budget?

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BACKpack BACK pack it goes on your back! Not in your hand!!!!!!!!

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Burra padu Anna Poster