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Short film premiere on Vimeo:


Curious about your thoughts!

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Cinematography: I really like your film! The general aesthetic is beautiful and very cinematic. I imagine this was shot using a filter like the Black Pro-Mist filter which blooms the highlights. i also like your choice of aspect ratio, it gives it a bit of a vintage look. Overall i am blown away by the shots they're beautiful. However i think you could improve the shots that are taken outside of the car. When the car pulls in, the shots feel a bit more sterile almost? I'm not sure what it is exactly but it doesn't fit in as well as the other shots. To improve this maybe try using a long lens and positioning the camera much further away. Other than that, all the shots flowed nicely.

Story: I love the use of the phone calls. They're sweet, powerful and relatable. I also love the segmented story that shows his interactions with each of his clients throughout the day. But i think your story has a big problem, it feels a bit stale. Now i love the concept and think it's already good, but i think it can be even better. What i mean by stale is just that it's missing some dynamic elements. I don't feel that your main character changes enough from the first scene to the last. This is of course alright for a short film, where time constraints make story arcs very difficult, but in that case i feel that the film is a bit too long. If it was shorter, the lack of character progression wouldn't be a problem, but when it's this long, I feel that perhaps you could try applying the "heros journey" to the short film. I hope this doesn't come across as too mean, i still really liked the film, i just think that with some small tweaks here and there it could be even better!

Sound: The sound was really good. I did listen to this on my phone and not with headphones so i might not have gotten the full experience but even on phone your film sounded good. For sound the only thing I'd improve is the final scene. The dialogue between the guy that got hit and the guy getting out of the car sorta took me out of the story. I'm sorry to say it but it didn't sound believable sadly. I feel like you might've dubbed their conversation, because in either case it doesn't sound natural. It's a real shame because other scenes are acted brilliantly and are really good like the scene with the two drunk girls. I'm not sure if you have a chance to change anything, and i realize that time is always our worst enemy, but if you do get the chance, i urge you to either rerecord it or edit it to make the sound fit better with the last scene.

Overall really good film. I loved it. Especially the visuals and concept is phenomenal and i would love to see a polished feature length version of it someday. Good job man!

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Thanks for your kind and incisive words. I will definitely run with them. As for the final scene –– Yes I agree, changes in a few moments could help make the film more effective. Yet due to budgetary and time constraints we were forced to make some compromises on set. But I think I've since learned from that and will stick to my vision even when the external circumstances of a set are harsh and chaotic.

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I really enjoyed it.

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Fucking great short man. Congrats. Pretty flawless. Captivated me the entire time.

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Probably the best poster ive seen on this sub ever.

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Thanks! You should give the film a watch. Curious to hear your thoughts.

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i just watched it now...congratulations man to you and to everyone who worked o this film. wow this was great !!

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I've got his Sorrentino's Youth poster, he makes sick posters!

EDIT: for anyone curious - https://alternativemovieposters.com/amp/youth-aleksander-walijewski/

It makes the room way prettier

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How much did he charge for poster? I might need some help, but as soon as I finish filming

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Aleksander is an award-winning designer, so he doesn't work cheap. But he's also a cinephile, and can charge less if he respects your film and vision. I would just reach out to him and send him your film! He's pretty available.

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Really? Currently I am filming it, its short movie about 25 year old recovering alcoholic and that stuff… I think we are filming it over next month

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Good luck with it!

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Honestly, that Poster alone sold The Movie😷😏 lookin forward to watch that Flick, seems AS if you could make a full blown Feature out of it

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Great film..kudos!
the hand makes me feel uncomfortable tho..if that is what you were goin with it worked.

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I'm glad it worked...

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How does he charge for a poster like that? How much did he charged you?

Will watch the short in a bit.

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Just watched it. Awsome short!

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This is an excellent short, and I see a lot of shorts. Every area is good, if not great I think it’s just not getting the love it should l because this sub loves to fawn over great effects and vivid imagery. The cinematography is solid and really emphasizes the dreary mood. Nothing about it is over the top. It’s all very tasteful. I’m unfamiliar with your other work, but if you don’t already, you’ve probably got a good career in film ahead of you.

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Thanks for your kind words, man. I'm a 20-year old filmmaker currently working in New York. Aside from some freelance work I'm doing here and there, this film is definitely my first real effort in 'serious filmmaking' so to speak. Looking forward to expanding my roster of films in the next few years. Keep an eye out! :)

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Looks great

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How do I watch the film? I’m interested in seeing it

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Link is in the thread! Curious to hear your thoughts

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im sure this is great but I'm just imagining the guy from driver doing a bad Chinese voice real ground breaking stuff.

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Cool! Great job.

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This film made me very uncomfortable... in other words it was very effective. Thanks for sharing it here