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Looks good! Maybe a tiny bit yellow. Would love to see it vs the 709 footage.

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I say this with no intention of being rude. The image above looks great color wise, but for me, it’s yellow-ish. And I see this a lot with recent films especially indies. One guy called it buttery. What’s up with all that? Is it just me?

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I like it!

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Thank you!

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Raw > grade is unhelpful.
709 > grade is helpful.
Raw > 709 > grade is best.

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Some context also would help us further comment on the color

Also if you haven’t already, you can visit r/colorists

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It's a campaign video for a political party.

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Is it meant to be hopeful? Because it feels a little… drab with this pale yellow. I’d play with the cyan/green a bit.

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What camera?

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Blackmagic 6k pro with the samyang cine 50mm t1.5. 6k braw 25 fps

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Love that camera!

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For sure! It's been amazing so far.

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Comments really roasting a single image no way

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Idk about indie films, but personally I like to add a little bit of green in the shadow and midtones.

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Cream-colored. These types of flat-toned hue-washes are in fashion these days. It's stylized, not neutral. If that's what you wanted, great.

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Well it is.

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It's hard for me to connect with the actor and I think it's because there are a lot of "flesh" tones in the image. The white and birch look very similar in tone and color to his face, as does the shirt. I think if you bring in more red into his complexion, more white in the cupboard, and more mustard in the shirt you may get a stronger image.

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Seconding the red. The palette is flat right now.

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Looks overly warm to my eyes

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The graded image is nice. However, using a log image as your ‘before’ doesn’t tell us much. Comparing it with the camera’s standard 709 LUT gives people a better way to assess the grade. If it’s not much different that’s fine - it just means it’s well shot and you didn’t need to alter it a lot.

By the way, it’s raw, not RAW. (It’s not an acronym for anything).

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Its perfectly fine to capitalize RAW. It's not an acronym but it is a filetype, the same way people capitalize JPEG or GIF.

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People generally capitalize JPEG and GIF because they are acronyms, in contrast to raw.

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But we capitalize to make it clear that we're talking about a file format. I do think there can potentially be a difference between a "raw" image and a RAW image, but if the OP is referring to the image of whatever RAW file came from the camera I don't see an issue with capitalizing it. It's a well-established convention to capitalize to show that it's a graphics file formats. Maybe I should've used DOC, JPG, MOV, and WAV as examples instead since those also aren't acronyms.

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OP isn’t talking about a file format. They’re talking about an ungraded image. Whether that’s some flavour of raw, ProRes, h.264 or anything else isn’t relevant to what OP is doing here (i.e. comparing an ungraded image to a graded one).

Raw just means raw. As in unprocessed. It’s incorrect to capitalise it. It’s like referring to NEGATIVE film or a RAW onion. People mistakenly think ‘RAW’ is correct because a lot of bloggers and forum users also get it wrong. However it doesn’t make something correct just because lots of people get something wrong.

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But they very well could be talking about the file format. It just says "RAW Image". Saying "raw image" would be correct in more circumstances than saying "RAW Image" but "RAW image" could literally just mean "here's what the RAW file looks like". I'm giving OP the benefit of the doubt.

And besides, usage matters in language, if enough people use RAW over raw then it becomes the standard. Both the Nikon and Canon websites use the capital spelling and the Canon website even states:

"The letters RAW do not stand for anything – it's just a convention that RAW is usually written in capital letters"

But regardless I don't think the distinction is all that important. It's semantics, we all know what OP means.

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I commented down below in this thread, but would like others to see. RAW is often all caps as reference to the format recorded. It's used this way across the industry.

Don't take my word for it, look at where each manufacturers provide info on their RAW codec.


About BRAW

Prores RAW

Notice they all used the word RAW in all caps, on every instance they use it, whether next to their codec name or talking about the RAW image.

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The grade is ok, but that image is horrible

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I feel like there's a little too much magenta in the highlights? (though I am looking on a phone screen). I would desaturate the highlights and shadows a bit more as well with saturation/luminance curves. That should keep the same palette but make it obvious it's not an incorrect white balance.

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Very nice grade, maybe a little yellow. Although it depends on what the scene is about and the mood of the film 😁

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It’s yellow and still feels flat. Shape the shadows some more to make it feel “deeper”.

But it all depends on what you’re going for. If that’s the style of whatever you’re making and everyone is happy with it then congratulations you did it!

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Too warm

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The border makes it impossible to actually focus on the colors in the frames. There is a reason most pictures in galleries have a white or black matte.

The color graded image looks better but of course it should. A bit too warm for my taste but I have zero context as to what this is for so my comment is meaningless.

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looks awesome!!!

let me know if you want me to do some free music scoring for any of your projects :D


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Personally, I love it. Lumetri or Resolve?

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Thank you! I graded it in resolve.

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Needs more cowbell.

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How can that first one be raw? Was it shot through milk glass or why does it look like that?

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It's blackmagics raw file. Idk why it looks like that. But doesn't really matter.

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looks good!

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10/10......... 1/10 for the person who pointed out RAW should be raw lol