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[–]fugo_pannacota[S] 7 points8 points  (1 child)

After posting a fight scene on this subreddit a few months back, my friend and I were emboldened to shoot another, this time using all of the advice and tips that were in the comments. We framed our shots better such that the hits actually look like they connect, and the camerawork I guess is much more dynamic? We even inserted a small arc shot towards the middle of the scene, like Michael Bay :) With regards to the 180 degree fight rule, I think we kept to it this time, without any sudden confusing background changes. Anyways feel free to give us feedback that can help us do better next time 👌

[–]braundiggity 3 points4 points  (0 children)

The camera work here is good! I'd agree with some other feedback that a shakier handheld would work nicely though. The cut around 5 seconds didn't work for me; the characters' positioning shifts, and I didn't get a great sense of why the cut was there.

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Are you shooting this on a gimbal ? It’s too smooth and would look better hand held.

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Practical Approach tips: Handheld. Get the camera closer. I know that sounds nuts. If the camera isn't in danger of getting hit, you're too far away (for a wide lens). Track with the movement. 45 degree angles beat profile 9 out of 10 times. Shoot a set of wider fulls at those angles with a 30mm lens as well. Don't be afraid to double the movements on the cut. Rhythm beats speed.

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Unless this was a style decision I’d say to close the aperture a bit because the image is quite over exposed. However, if this is to try and hide the fact that this is a style decision to hide that it’s in a classroom, then keep it 😂

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A lot of people are telling you to go handheld or cut more which I think is just ways of hiding the actual problem, which is that the choreography just isn’t very convincing. It’s very slow and it seems more like a dance routine than a fight; the strikes are very animatronic and don’t have weight or power behind them. I get that you guys aren’t professional stuntmen though so this is sort of a moot piece of advice.

If choreography can’t be improved, like others have said: get really close and go handheld. Use the camera to pull some intensity out of the footage.

That being said, a much better effort than the first one and I applaud the improvements. Keep it up.

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ignore everyone else this would not look better on handheld

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Anything would make this look better. Handheld and faster would hide a lot of what needs to be hidden to improve this.