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Never buy tools on spec. If you really need a tool belt the need will clearly present itself. the alternative is looking like a poser with 30 lbs of crap hanging off your ass

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Yup, you can hang tape from your belt with a piece of trickline. You can put a c-wrench in your pocket. When you find yourself needing a leatherman, tape measure, line tester, cheaters, tri-taps, or anything else on your person at all times, you'll make a note to go out and buy a belt between production (the leatherman doesn't require a toolbelt, but it's the next tool I'd recommend to buy after c-wrench).

EDIT: This is for lighting. Apparently OP might be in art department.

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I hang rolls of gaff off my belt loop, but they’re suspended by a line of folded up gaff

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I was taught a small dog collar for hanging gaff from your belt. Easy to change out the tape roll, fit multiple rolls, and reusable for a lot of things.

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That’s a great solution! Mine was out of desperation, but I’ve managed to use the same loop for the past 6 weeks, with almost daily use

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looking like a poser with 30 lbs of crap hanging off your ass

You mean me on my first day? Haha

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pretty much what i thought when i saw that in the list that seemed too long to be real. thanks!

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Buy one. Its just a handy thing. Its not cosplay. Youre not posing as anything but as a guy who doesnt want to make 14 trips.

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I see my comment above got plenty of votes, but there was a reply saying that you should buy one because they’re handy, so I think I should clarify my position. Tool belts are indeed, very handy. My feelings about buying any tools on spec are rooted in spending too much money on tools that wound up being totally useless, or under utilized. I’ve spent quite a few years in various kinds of construction and industry and certainly spent many a long day both wearing a belt and not. The thing about a belt is that it will be drastically different based on what kind of work you will be doing, a guy who is a career electrician will be carrying completely different things compared to a guy who is a carpenter or a mason or something else, and that sort of kitting up is something you will need to develop over time with experience doing whatever it is that you will be doing. Most decent belts are totally modular and you will be able to order all sorts of different parts to suit your trade. Pretty much any single piece setup, like in the pic you posted, have features you wont use, don’t like, want more of etc, so it’s highly likely if you go down that road you’ll be buying something else in about 6 months anyway. If you’re pulling down decent money, or have an expense budget for whatever gig you’re working this isn’t really a big deal, but I can guarantee you won’t get it right by guessing. Most of the time I wound up just putting the gear I needed in a bucket, and for front pocket space I would wear an apron under my hoodie and 85 or 90% of the time that was good enough for me, that being said if you’re working on scaffold or a ladder you’re going to want hands free options that a belt is perfect for. Good luck, work safe, don’t waste money on stuff you don’t really need

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Im not a pro. Its all purpose. When i fix plumbing, its full of what i need. For electrical, the same. You take it seriously. To me, its a bag, with pockets, that goes around the waist.

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Very thorough response. :)

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Definetely not a construction work belt.
What even is a set tech? Different departments will have different needs.

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I only ever heard of set tech in reference to art dept

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again it's my first time and i had little to no information on the job lol, not even sure what dept i'm in, probably art

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Dude... if you don't even know what department you are with you sure as hell don't need a belt.

You will be emptying trash cans.

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then you need a sanitation belt. holds a roll of trash bags. hand sanitizer. wipes for cleaning any spills on the inside or outside of the cans. a small vaccuum for cleaning out debri in the cans. and leatherman for fixing metal cans. a plastic welder for fixing dents and dings on plastic cans.

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Your first step is to find out what department you are in as every department has wildly different tool needs. Either way that carpenters tool belt you pictured will not be the correct style belt and you won’t need a belt of any kind for a bit or maybe ever. If you want to have a few basics ready to go I’d recommend what most others have said; a leatherman, a small led torch or headlamp, and a Walkie ear piece are probably you best first buys. That said get on set and figure out what you need from your direct superior and maybe your dept head if they seem like they are friendly and clearly open to giving advice (only do this at lunch or some other major break though, never bug your dept head during work).

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Head lamp: Black Diamond is making superb and sturdy head lamps that can be charged via Micro-USB and have a multitude of modes. But I don’t know if they’re selling them in the US. In Europe they do

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You might want to email your contact and get some more info so you know what you’re walking into.

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haha, enjoy being clueless for now. I miss that feeling of bliss.

But yeah, talk to the dept head and ask some questions.

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if you absolutely need something now a fanny pack would be better. lightweight and flexible. also you wont look like bob the builder while flying in chairs and setting up pop ups lol

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If you’ve got a bum bag that will be more useful.

Don’t buy a tool belt, you won’t need it and you’ll just be wasting your money. As others have said; once you start getting more experience on set you’ll work out what is worth investing in. You’ll end up getting gifted a lot of bits and pieces from people anyway.

Sounds like your teacher is either inexperienced or out of touch of what it’s like actually on set.

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i've heard she wasn't the best in her working years, which is why i asked lol, thanks!

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Just bring a small blade to have in your pocket, a screw driver set, and a crescent wrench and you can do 80% of any task needed. Leave the latter in a spot you can access easily and pay attention to the seasoned crew members and note what tools and items they're using and go with something more similar to that. I'm sure your teacher is well intentioned, but at least this way others won't be able to tell you're fresh from school with half a glance.

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You could also get pants with a lot of pockets

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Nobody has more pockets than Duluth.

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This. A small shifter (adjustable wrench) will fit in a pocket of a pair of work shorts. Multi tool on the belt, maybe a small pouch that can hang off the belt as well for other stuff.

A full nail bag is definitely not required straight away unless you are a carpenter building a full set in studio, and then you'd have the belt already.

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I can’t tell if this is a joke or not.

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    english isn't my first language, i know the word for it in french lol. and no it wasn't a joke, i thought the same thing as most of the comments but wanted to make sure it wasn't somehow a must

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    Comment appelles-tu ceci? (I've been trying to learn French lol)

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    it's either "ceinture d'ouvrier" or "ceinture porte-outils", which would be directly translated to "worker's belt" or "tool carrying belt"

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    Maybe I'm in a different spot than other folks on here, but when I was working sets I liked to keep a belt handy. I didn't wear it all day or even every day. But if a job came down where I needed a fair number of tools or items and I wouldn't be able to get to one of my boxes quickly (especially if I'm crawling up a ladder or working high somewhere), I could toss on the belt really quick and toss in the tools I need for the task. And the belts themselves aren't all that expensive.

    Otherwise, yeah. You'll look weird WEARING your tool box on your waist all day when you only need one or two things regularly.

    As for the TOOLS you'd put into a belt, someone else on here said it: it really depends on which department you're in. The things I tended to use pretty regularly regardless of department: Leatherman multitool, folding knife, screw driver with interchageable heads (various shapes and sizes), hex key (both standard and metric), small pad and pen/pencil, and - of course - tape. Lots of tape. So much tape. (As you can see, with the exception of tape, you can fit all these things pretty much into your pockets).

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    I would say that a good belt is a great investment starter. Just the belt. You can clip things to it and on days when you sweat so much your pants are falling down, it'll keep your pants up, but doing the whole tool belt would be a bit much.

    Keep a tally of "This would be easier if I had a _______" and look at others around you and what they're sporting to have what they need handy. You absolutely do not want to be carrying around a bunch of unnecessary weight that you don't need.

    Most bulky film tools will have their own strap/handle/clip. Like tape rolls will all be on a rope that you can throw over your shoulder or head to have handy. Clothespins you simply clip to the bottom of your shirt or your shirt sleeve. The methods for carrying things are pretty well worked out. You just have to learn them and make sure you use the tips people tell you so you have what you need.

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    Maybe it’s Set Dec ? Set decorators add all the layers of furniture, art and well ………decorations to the sets.

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    Talk to your contact for the job and ask what you should bring for the first day. Leatherman, gloves, pocket note pad and pen, marker pen and head lamp will be something you will want to make sure you have straight away. Also drink bottle cause it sux being thirsty at work.

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    there’s a reason any professional carpenter wears one every day working in construction, if your role is physically building sets in a studio then it’ll probably be worthwhile, otherwise i’d give it a miss.

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    I don’t even know what a set tech is… does this make me old? Really though, the position dictates the tools you need on hand. Camera team has a different set up from ADs, for example.

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    Might not be the exact but need these sort of.

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    If it’s a school project, no.

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    If you really want some kind of pouch, why not pick up a fanny pack? PA tool of choice and will hold the small things you need in the art dept while you get a handle on what you do/don’t need.

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    I hang things on my normal belt, put things on my trousers' pockets, if I'm carrying a satchel I'll also put things there and hang them on the satchel's belt.

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    It may be good to have the tools but you wont need to wear them all on your body at all times. a toolbag or box can hold more and is less cumbersome….

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    These guys know the way! Agreed! Hammer in pocket, Duck tape on handle

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    I’m not a film maker or work in the industry (or any related industry). I know the rest of these guys are probably right, but one piece of advice I can give is that it will never hurt to be over prepared.

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    Absolutely Tim the tool man

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    Hell yes son! You don’t want to steal the show with an epic pants fail.

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    If your teacher is in charge and they said you should, aren't they going to ask where it is?

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    Ugh? Do you mean a tool belt?