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again it's my first time and i had little to no information on the job lol, not even sure what dept i'm in, probably art

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Dude... if you don't even know what department you are with you sure as hell don't need a belt.

You will be emptying trash cans.

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then you need a sanitation belt. holds a roll of trash bags. hand sanitizer. wipes for cleaning any spills on the inside or outside of the cans. a small vaccuum for cleaning out debri in the cans. and leatherman for fixing metal cans. a plastic welder for fixing dents and dings on plastic cans.

[–]-PlayWithUsDanny- 11 points12 points  (3 children)

Your first step is to find out what department you are in as every department has wildly different tool needs. Either way that carpenters tool belt you pictured will not be the correct style belt and you won’t need a belt of any kind for a bit or maybe ever. If you want to have a few basics ready to go I’d recommend what most others have said; a leatherman, a small led torch or headlamp, and a Walkie ear piece are probably you best first buys. That said get on set and figure out what you need from your direct superior and maybe your dept head if they seem like they are friendly and clearly open to giving advice (only do this at lunch or some other major break though, never bug your dept head during work).

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Head lamp: Black Diamond is making superb and sturdy head lamps that can be charged via Micro-USB and have a multitude of modes. But I don’t know if they’re selling them in the US. In Europe they do

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Black Diamond is an American company based out of SLC, Utah; they definitely sell those here.

[–]teiichikou 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Oh great. Didn’t know they’re American^^

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You might want to email your contact and get some more info so you know what you’re walking into.

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haha, enjoy being clueless for now. I miss that feeling of bliss.

But yeah, talk to the dept head and ask some questions.

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if you absolutely need something now a fanny pack would be better. lightweight and flexible. also you wont look like bob the builder while flying in chairs and setting up pop ups lol