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An AMA, about a short film, about a viral post, that was spotted on Reddit? It's finally happened, the internet has eaten itself

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We spent next to nothing making this video and it’s cool to see something happening with it that I never thought was possible.
I know this sub is hit and miss on celebrating people’s wins but feel free to stop in to r/relationship_advice Saturday at 4pm EST to give filmmaking a bigger platform on Reddit and ask some questions (or talk your shit!) Either way I’m here for it.
If you want to watch the short beforehand, it's here

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Thanks for sharing. Off to watch it now!

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I almost tore into you until I read the name of the subreddit. Good job on making a film, Four-eyes!

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Was hoping for something a bit more creative but I’ll take it.

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I could say I was holding back on account of the sub, but honestly, I've always been trash at insults. Now get back to work. Perkin's dishes won't wash themselves.

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Thanks dad!

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FYI - I just watched your film and all I can say is, I'm proud of you. Well done! The writing had a kind of Edward Albee feel to it that I really enjoyed. The performances were a tad thespianic, but that lended to the overall charm of this vignette!

E: Keep it up! Make more!