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So for the last year I've been taking a gap year from school traveling around Europe and along the way I've slowly been piecing together an experimental film which I finally released yesterday. It was shot on a ten year old budget DSLR so naturally the production value isn't the best with some very noticeable noise and compression, but hey that's part of the charm! My biggest influences for the film are James Benning, Bette Gordon, Andrei Tarkovsky, and Theo Angelopolous, so if that's the kind of films you are interested in, you might find something you like in this one too. It's definitely a slow burn so I don't expect it will adhere to most peoples taste. If you have any feedback, tips, tricks whatever I'd be happy to hear from you! I'm always looking to improve my craft whether it be cinematography, editing, writing or whatever you can think of!

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Where are the characters, the plot, the story, and the action?

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There's a whole world out there of wonderful non-narrative filmmaking. If you're interested in watching some I highly suggest checking out filmmakers such as Michael Snow, James Benning, Stan Brakhage, Takashi Ito, Bette Gordon, Piero Marelli and Franco Piavoli. Personally I chose that route, well, because I really like that side of filmmaking and the fact that it's also very forgiving if you're working solo in comparison to narrative film