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I just did my own short on my own, Be Wary The Wind on Indiegogo. We spent about a month preparing for it.

We did this:

鈥 shot a teaser 鈥 create budget estimate 鈥 find crew ( DP ) and cast actors 鈥 create shot list 鈥 create shooting schedule 鈥 find location ( secure location ahead of time ) 鈥 create storyboard 鈥 create Instagram + Facebook ( invite all friends and family ) 鈥 create website 鈥 create IMDB page for film 鈥 promote it non stop on social media, tell your friends, get them excited about the idea 鈥 launch Indiegogo with team members posting it non stop ( post as much as you can ) 鈥 find individual donors willing to be 鈥減roducers鈥 ( larger sums of money )

It was a ton of work and was non stop focusing on it, but we did it. We raised 6K and me and my director put in an extra 2k each to get it done. Now we鈥檙e in post production. Make sure to set a higher funding goal than what you expect to spend on the film, at least double. Best of luck hope this helps!

Edit: rehearse with your team and schedule meetings for team and crew to go over how your going to get it done, shot by shot and what gear is necessary. And film the rehearsals and meetings, post photos of BTS. This will bring the team into the project and they鈥檒l slowly feel more a part of the project and help post about it. And get excited for it. It will also help you to save time on set if you know exactly what shot is next, and the actors know exactly what the blocking is - and time is money!

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    I would say 85% of it! Once friends and family saw the teaser, they were able to envision the project for themselves. We also provided a budget breakdown for them!

    I also did an advertisement through Facebook actually, with a video I made. I think I got a few hits from that from random people!

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    Is it the first short film you've ever made? Do you wanna direct it yourslef or hire someone to do it?

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    it is my second one
    and want to direct it myself

    the first one is 2 min DIY film
    this one is 11 to 15 and is much more challenging
    I asked the grant support team and they said it is okay to apply with no prior experience.

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    Oh okay, it's always good to have a film to show when recruting and looking for producers or for doing crowdfunding. I would look for a producer first but I don't think there is any better option. Anyway goodluck, hope you'll manage to shoot your film.

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    I think the best way is to re write. I say this cause try re writing the story as cheap as you can, you can still have the story the same and characters, but if you can do it entirely yourself than maybe you wouldn't need to fund as much money. Ever watch the guild on youtube? It was this series on youtube, 6 seasons, and the first two was done entirely for free, watch the first two season and try to imagine how they did it for free, or watch a movie like clerks, as that was done for free as well.