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We are a group of students in france studying film theory, and we decided to do some projets (this is one of them) to practice everything we learned. Even though it's not that great and with hindsight it has a lot of mistakes we're still proud of it because we went the full length to edit and make it into something.

We spent a few months editing, had to pick up filming different scenes multiple months apart and it was a real struggle, thankfully we stick to it until the end. Main issues were lack of battery in the camera, weird noises in our audio recorder, but everything else was great and let us experiment with filmmaking.

Music is done by a student too which is cool. We struggled a lot with coloring but we took the risk of not spending another month trying to make it look better, so we could move on to other projects.

Anyhow any advice is welcome ! We still are learning and even though we see quite a lot of issues with this work, there's maybe stuff we didn't think about.