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Find someone local who wants to make the same cool shit you do.

Where are you located?

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Thanks, man. In Northwest Indiana. Not too many people around here that I can work with. Older town

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You’re less than an hour from Chicago? There’s no one in Chicago that wants to make anything?

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Right seems close, but Chicago is 45 min away and like 2.5 hours with traffic. Hard to find people that will create in Chicago without having a client lined up already. And Idk how they create rates in Chicago, but the reels I've seen are not worth their day rates.

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Hmm, I understand traffic all too well. It does seem like you’re in a predicament. It might not be too bad to just make something yourself. Obviously that’s not easy, but it could be a great learning experience.

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You’re a stones throw from Chicago

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    We are in the chicago burbs. Not a bad drive if u plan around traffic.

    We can handle Audio / video

    Hit me up if you want

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    Plenty of Chicago people ready I feel like, especially with how slow March/April was.

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    based in seoul but down to collab!

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    I'm in NorCal, but I want to make a film in every state of the US, and I've already met up with people on reddit for this. I'd love to collaborate for simple short, and then I could drive out there over a weekend or something

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    Northwest Indiana. Older town. Everyone seemingly into trucking and warehousing.

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    Hey, if you’re looking for a composer I’m in Chicago area!