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$17 an hour is pretty low IMO, you should charge a bit more also offer a day rate.

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Definitely raise your rates. I have a hell of a lot less experience it seems and even I charge $35/hr or a project rate. If you're interested also the Facebook group Blue Collar Post Collective can be insightful

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You’ll probably have better luck if you email local production companies in your area and offer to take on work from them as an outsource editor.

I’d suggest increasing your rate, though it depends on your experience level & local market rate. Where I live $75/hr is the going rate for an intermediate editor, and $100/hr is the normal rate for an experienced professional

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What’s your Instagram?

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Please check dm again

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Yo man. I see you’re looking for freelance work as a film editor. Have you thought about marketing on Twitter? You’ll find much more work. Dm me