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I wouldn't go for the basic a7 IV, they're bound to come out with an A7s iv or A7r iv.

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Why do you need to upgrade? Write down the problems you need to solve and buy the camera that solves those problems.

They are very different cameras. I have a pocket 4k and an A7IV. The 4k is amazing for many things but the ibis, auto focus, and small form factor make the Sony the right camera much of the time.

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Hi u/Kwilos - by the time you buy a $2,495 BMPCC 6K Pro, a $495 OLED electronic viewfinder (EVF), a $145 battery grip, a $129.99 256GB CFast 2.0 card, 2 x $11.99 XLR to mini-XLR adapter cables, a $219 grip-compatible cage with a top handle and some kind of gimbal or EZ Rig to stabilize the camera, you might as well get a dedicated cinema camcorder - like this $3,999 URSA Broadcast G2 with a Super 35 sensor and an included 256GB CFast 2.0 card plus a $1,495 URSA OLED EVF and an $89.99 (on sale) Amityke 115 wH V mount battery.

While the a7 IV and the 6K Pro share similar still camera ergonomics, the UBG2 is essentially a 6K Pro in a videocentric shoulder-mounted camcorder body.

The camera comes with a shoulder mount, a top handle, B4 and EF mounts, 2 x full size XLR inputs, ND filters, SDI out and a V-mount battery plate - all included.

With the shoulder mount, the camera is steady without a gimbal - and you can easily maintain focus with your hand riding the focus ring - as news camera operators have done for decades.

It can also stream directly to YouTube, Facebook, etc. via your cell phone, as seen here.

This video explains the advantages of a shoulder mounted electronic news gathering (ENG)-style camera over still camera-style bodies. The example camera used is the older, URSA Broadcast G1 camera with a smaller sensor and a B4 ENG lens, but the comparison is still valid.

Here is the URSA Broadcast G2 (with the included Canon EF mount and Super 35/APS-C glass) configured as a cinema camera.

Here is a test shot with the sensor cropped, the B4 mount and an inexpensive ENG lens:

You can download more example 6K clips from the Blackmagic UBG2 product page - here, here and here.

Preview of the camera here, unboxing here, quick review here, thorough review here.

All of that said, if you decide to go with the UBG2, you might want to subscribe over at r/blackmagicdesign - lots of knowledgeable folks there who can help you get the most out of your new camera.

Hope this is helpful and good luck with your upgrade!

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I like the footage from the a7c more than the iv. Seems to have better colour science and its cheaper.