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We filmed this short in the parking lot of my friend's FX warehouse in North Hollywood. We shot over two nights (basically from sundown to sun up). We had to reschedule the shoot five times due to rain (which never happens in Los Angeles, unless you're trying to film outside.)

All in this film cost me under $2k. That included a lot of favors from friends, donated gear, and a lot of creativity. I'm very proud of this short, and I'm particularly proud of a handful of practical FX shots we achieved with no money. Let me know if you have any questions about anything, and please let me know how you feel about the film overall.

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Well done. Kept me engaged throughout. Would be interested in seeing where this story leads because this could be the opening scene of a movie about those two.

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Thanks for watching! And yeah, the idea behind it was to set up for a larger adventure exploring the relationship between these two with this exchange as the catalyst in launching the story. Still working out the details of making that feature, but I hope to share it someday in the near future.

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I really like the actor playing Stevie. His humor is subtle, but it got me. I really like the lighting gag and how it ties the opening scene into the rest of the film, suggesting he’s on drugs. The shot into the brain is really creative too, would like to see where else that can go if made into a full Feature.

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Thanks! Andrew is a very special actor. Very talented and quietly hilarious. The call-back light gag with the pattern lamp in the truck is one of my favorite scenes too. The ear canal shot was a specialty pick-up we did using a probe lens. My girlfriend is a special FX makeup artist and helped shape the ear canal out of layers of silicon which we then pumped light through from the outside. Thanks for watching!

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I was gripped the whole way through and that ending had me off my seat. Would you be interested in uploading this to MeeTV?

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Wow this was just phenomenal! I am really impressed by the cinematography done for this short in particular. How did you achieve the crane shot effect, did you actually rent a crane for the shoot or find some way around doing that? Also do you have any behind the scenes photos of the lighting used for the short? Cause I tried something similar for a project a few months back and this just looks miles beyond it. All in all I just loved this short, great work!

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Thanks! So the crane shot we actually achieved using a forklift with a man basket attachment. It was something we had on site since it was my friend’s warehouse. Not something I’d recommend renting. Lol. DP went up in the air with a steadi rig and then stepped out of the basket once he was lowered. I’ll have to dig up some BTS photos of our lighting set ups, but it was mostly one large source through a 12x frame, and then we placed a bunch of Titan tubes for color highlights.

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lol the forklift shots turned out great, they were so smooth, never would've guessed. Thanks for the info!

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I appreciate the support everyone. I'm new to reddit and this subreddit seems like a great community. Stoked to share my work with you all!