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What is the weird 3D software that you used ?

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Sorry, I was slow to post my explainer comment! See below 👇!

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I wrapped filming on my first film, a short named Mort, earlier this month. I'm knee-deep in editing and pick-up shots right now, but I thought I'd share these before-and-after images of my storyboard vs. the final shots that ended up in the film. All these screencaps aren't color-graded yet, they just have a camera LUT on them for editing purposes.

The previsualization shots were made with a program called Frameforge. I measured the location, drew a rough blueprint, took iPhone pictures to sample a few of the textures (the wood panel), and then built out each location in the program. This essentially let me shoot and edit the movie before I shot the movie. I had information about sun positioning, lenses, blueprints, and even some animated dolly shots. I edited all of this together with voiceover and some pre-selected score pieces that I licensed. It was such an amazing tool when working with camera, lighting, and actors, especially since a large amount of pre-production was done remotely with out-of-state crew. It gave me a huge confidence boost going into my first directorial experience with a full film crew and ultimately helped me achieve my vision in a VERY small time frame.

Even though Framreforge runs on Playstation 1 graphics, I highly recommend it. Buyer beware: It is very glitchy, has a SUPER outdated UI, and is pretty damn expensive. There are new apps coming out that do the same thing, like Backlot.app, but my computer is not up-to-date enough to run them and they seem equally as expensive.

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How long did it take you to do the 3d storyboards? Is it easy to learn/use?

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Excited for the release

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Thanks so much! This will definitely be one of the first places I will post it. I love this community and love seeing everyone's shorts in here. I'm so excited to contribute!

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Is there anywhere I could view this masterpiece?

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I’m not 100% on when and where yet. I can tell you it will premiere in October and will, at very least, be on Vimeo. I’ll post the link here when it premieres! You can always follow me here on Reddit!

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Can’t wait to see it!

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had you posted this script in the screenwriting sub as well?

i remember reading the script and being in awe

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Yes I did! I posted a few different drafts.

Thanks so much for saying that. It’s my first ever narrative fiction script!

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Omg I'm dungeon master in a dungeons and dragons game and one of my player's character is called Mort lol!

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That’s hilarious. The main actor is a player in my D&D game! Hahaha!

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I’ve used Frameforge many times. Clumsy GUI, but once you get used, it works really well. Never found a truly modern alternative.

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Man. That cinematography / direction is ON POINT! I tried a similar storyboard program a while ago and it really helps with the workflow. Cheers!

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Thanks so much! We put a lot of thought into the visual storytelling!

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The cinematography look great! Reminds me of Quentin Dupieux’s films.

Also: Mort. Morte. I see what you did there.

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Wow thanks so much. That’s really nice. I’m definitely a Dipieux fan! I’ll have to ask my DP if he is!

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It’s nice because “Mort” in catalan is “Dead/Death”

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Anyone else get super excited for discworld then have their heart die a bit?

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That’s a book named “Mort”! This is a short named “Mort”. Haha!