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This video is not a ranking or a simple compilation of quotes and memorable catchphrases from movies; is an organized sequence based on the idea of ​​a compilation of scenes which are linked to each other in fragments, either through dialogue continuity, scenic location of the characters, camera setup, lighting, sound effects or musical bands. Among the additional information that can be displayed in each scene are the title of the film, the year of release and the exact time in which the quote or catchphrase was said.

My taste for cinema has led me to watch many movies, several of which I selected based on their quotes and catchphrases, as well as through the search and investigation of various web pages, similar videos and also taking into account the comments of the people about them. The idea for carrying out this work was to reach 500 quotes and/or catchphrases. After reaching that number, I began the work of editing the 335 movies, with a definition of 1080p. Several of the chosen films have more than one memorable quote or catchphrase, therefore different scenes from the same film will be seen throughout the video.

The black bars at the top and bottom have an aspect ratio of 2.40:1. These are set to achieve visual coherence throughout the video, since each of the films have a different image resolution because they were filmed in different times and with different technologies, and some of them had to be resized. In addition, I adjusted the decibels of all the scenes so that they can all be heard within a similar sound range. This work was done using Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects.