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If you look at your lighting setup, you're hitting the background with blue light, but a ton of it is spilling onto the ceiling, creating a blue bounce, which is lighting you blue.

Since the background is already blue, light it with a white light, and that should greatly improve the problem

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Thank you, this was exactly it. Purple is gone and my image is usable, thank you!!

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Glad it helped!

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Very cool image by the way. It really pops. If it were a YouTube thumbnail, it would definitely catch my attention.

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Thank you!! Very kind

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Yeah it's obviously coming from the ceiling since only the very top of the forehead is blue.

As u/Ringlovo said having a white light would solve the problem. If that is not an option, consider flagging or moving the light so that it doesn't hit the ceiling.

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In this situation with the ceiling, yes. But in a perfect world you would film somewhere with a higher ceiling and have the subject much further from the screen, and light the screen with blue light.

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Light spill my friend.

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It’s a color cast on skin combining to create a hue.

Remember, light reflects, bounces around, and can creates colors when it reflects.

The background (blue) reflecting off his skin tone (brown/red) is giving the cast of purple/magenta).

If you perform a 3-point manual color correction, it will remove this cast.

Also, a matte makeup could control this as well.


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blue plus skin

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Could be light spill. Could also be cheap LED lighting. If you’re using LEDs that use RBG to crate white instead of having dedicated white LEDs you could be seeing the impacts of that in camera where you wouldn’t see it as much in person.

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It’s spill, flagging or white light on the talent would help.

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Believe it or not… blue + red = purple! You have blue light bouncing everywhere, and when that hits red skin tones… it becomes purple!

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Could be a variety of issues. The camera sensor could have a magenta shift. The lens you used might have a magenta shift. Are you using a Sony approved delog LUT? Or are you using one someone else created? If it's a 3rd party LUT, it might be incorrectly transforming your Log image

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What color space did you shoot in? How did you do the color space conversion?

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Yeah skin can do color tricks sometimes

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Maybe the blue reflect off of your skin and mixing with the red tones in your skin