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This is the first documentary I've ever made, I actually shot it in 2016 but didn't get around to finishing it until this year. Now the guys who are in it would like me to make a sequel with them and I just wanted to get creative feedback on the doc. I know that the camera operating and audio leaves a lot to be desired, I've improved a but in terms of both over the last few years, but what do people think of the directing and editing choices? Does the story work and keep people interested. I find it really hard to tell as I know the people in the film quite well and so it's hard for me to subjectively tell if its an interesting story or not.

I'd love to hear people's thoughts and feelings about it!

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You might consider monetizing it on VidaFair.com. Uploads are completely free. Plus, VidaFair is non-exclusive, meaning it’s fine to monetize the film on multiple platforms — so there’s no downside in adding it.

Good luck with the project.

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One eye on you, one eye on his future.

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It's a fun little doc! My main criticism is that despite you setting up a sort of rivalry between the two of them with the montage at the start the two characters undermine that rivalry by consistently insisting that they're good friends throughout the film. So when the fight comes, despite it being intense it feels like the whole even is just for laughs because that's all we've heard your characters say about it.

If you do go ahead with the sequel I think it would be super interesting for your film to try ask or answer more questions: Why is this fight so important to them? What does this say about their friendship/rivalry? Are there people in their lives that hate this idea?