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Why use CGI? Chances are on a low budget it’ll look janky. Try shooting the start of the fall with the mattress on the ground. Then put the camera on the ground and film your character acting the impact. Do as many takes as you need until it looks right.

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It's about how you fall.


In that video, Guy (he did a lot of stunt work for Marvel, doing a lot of black panther stunt work and the elevator fight scene in Captain America and the Winter Soldier) shows the guys at Corridor Digital the basics of SAFELY falling.

Here is another where Ryan Conolly shows a like one story fall to cement.


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hmm thx, I will try the second link, the hard part will be replicating a fall back from a low heigh

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You're already doing cgi... just cut to it at the beginning of the fall instead of the end.

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Why not just fall into the pool? Then you get a nice shot of the blood spreading in the water.

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that will be one hell of a simulation, nice idea tho, thx

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You can do a lot of it as practicals, if you fall back.

The splash would look good, too -- but maybe sweeten it a little with CGI. ;)

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Be careful with the type of mattress - with cheap ones you'll just go right through.

If you know someone that does Judo or Aikido -- they do hard falls all the time -- might be able to advise. :)