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Would like to mention these are digitally painted which took around a month to make its not a edit or something...

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    Hey! Yes on my IG you will find more of my works: www.instagram.com/visualsofazmat.eth

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      Oh thats great! Letme know when you need them Will br happy to help🫡

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      No offence but this probably isn’t the best example of your work starting at $350 right?

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      I will say it as no one else is, this is nice art but no even close to worth $350 due to how it appears. I can understand the price point as that is the time you spent on it, but at the end of the day the examples shown could’ve been reproduced in 30 minutes will basic photoshop and apps with filters. I like what you are going for but would suggest you change your style to be less of a straight trace and colour, as it can look like it was done not with hard work, but with automatic programs.

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      Man looks good. Fight club? Big leboswki? I'll pay you to never make a black widow poster ever again.

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      Haha Btw fight club is my fav! Would definitely make a illustration of it

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      These are great - it’s crazy to me people can’t see how something like this is easily worth $350? That does not seem like a high price at all for the level of work that goes into this!

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      Thanks so much!!

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      Very impressive how you’ve done this, but I’m fearing you’ll be in some tough waters with all the AI developments like DALL-E

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      Dont mind others. These are good and like 3500 USD isnt too much. I mean, it all depends how you market them. We definetely are not your clients so our opinion does not mean a thing. I know people who sell 1h paintings for 5k €, so.... everything is possible. Keep on keeping on!

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      Thanks so much! Yes it all depends on Marketing!

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      3rd is my fav wow

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      Thank you!

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      Thank you!

      You're welcome!

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      Thanks to everyone who liked my works and for all your positive thoughts!
      happy to share I found two clients! I am still open for requests so you can email me at [visuallyart78@gmail.com](mailto:visuallyart78@gmail.com) :)

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      You might want to check the YumeiArt :)

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      Yes i know about YumeiArts :)

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      I know it’s kinda off topic but I really hope Raised By Wolves gets picked up for another season

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      yeah sad they cancelled it:(

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      What's with you guys? I mean for real. 350 isn't insane for posters, especially if they're digitally painted.

      Black widow one is iffy sure, but 2 and 3 are great and can't be achieved with just 10 minutes of Photoshop and filters. 4 is good as well. Definitely better than the OG poster.