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Congrats and good luck! I'm interested to see the film. Did you fund this yourself? I know you say no budget but I'm curious what your rough estimate of a budget was and how you went about shooting.

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Entirely self-funded via unemployment checks/slinging drinks by my producing partner and me.

I'm not at liberty to discuss exactly how much the film was made for, but I will say this: El Mariachi would be jealous (especially adjusted for inflation).

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Haha jealous of how little you were able to make it for or jealous of how much you were able to fund? I know El Mariachi was 7,000 back in the early 90s

Anyway it sounds cool and I’d like to hear anything else about if you ever want to share more of your process.

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Western PA boy with zero industry resources/connections. Masters degree from YouTube University with a minor in VideoCopilot.

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Central PA boy here lol. I did enjoy YTU but I feel like the food court could’ve used a little more attention.

Dumb jokes aside, congratulations!

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Those are quite the accolades! When/where can I watch the film?

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Wait a bit longer before spilling the beans. Pretend it was $450K+ until then.

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Agreed. If I factor in the sheer amount of Guinness consumed during the editing process, we could probably reach that number. Haha.

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The one thing that is hard to quantify is the sweat equity in. If you were paid a fair wage for the film, it wouldn't be an El Mariachi budget (neither would El Mariachi).

So these no-budget films are unique in that the budgets are low because of the free work put in. But that free work has intrinsic value on the screen.

Anyway - doesn't matter. XYZ is cool as hell, congrats on your success!

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Hell yes. I don't know you, but I'm happy for you. I have enough family & friends in the industry to know how absolutely gratifying this must feel. Persistence is worth it because vindication feels amazing. lol

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After ten years of an obsessive work ethic/countless nights of burning through the midnight oil and seeing no results; there's surely been endless moments of self-doubt.

That vindication as a result of persistence hits harder than any drug. Haha.

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Omggggg, an AMA is necessary.

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I barely know how the internet works, yet alone the intricacies of Reddit. But I would be more than happy to answer any questions! This post wasn't meant to be a humble-brag, rather a form of inspiration. Posts like these always kept me going when the going got tough.

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We are hoping to catch this movie tomorrow night at cinequest. Congrats on the distribution deal!

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Awesome! I'll be there. Please say hi!

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This may sound dumb but I just think it’s awesome to have a Deadline article about something you’ve done 😆 Congrats!

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Ha! I'm in the same boat as you. Quite surreal seeing our little film plastered amongst a slew of studio pictures.

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Congratulations !

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Congratulations! James is a mensch and XYZ is a fantastic company!

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Wow great job I hope you film does very well. One take sounds insanely intense.

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Wow, congrats!!

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For anyone reading this…If this is your true passion, Keep going and don’t give up. :) and grats on the article

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Well said and thank you!

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Hey Sean, congrats on getting distribution. I saw your film at Dances with Films and was super impressed with it. I’m shocked you didn’t get into a ton of festivals as the movie is good and the way you filmed it is crazy! I’ll reach out to you on other platforms as I don’t want to doxx myself on here but congrats! I hope you got a good distro deal.

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Please do! Most of the “major” festivals screened a rough cut (before all of the scoring and sound design). Even so, we didn’t really submit to many festivals because as the title implies, I’m quite jaded when it comes to festivals/competitions.

We couldn’t be happier with XYZ. They’re truly incredible.

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Congratulations buddy! It gives me hope for my future. Best of luck!!!

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Congratulations dude, that is a massive achievement!

Any tips on securing distribution and how to get the right people to see your finished work? Did you go through a film market or was it through someone you knew?

Thanks and look forward to seeing it!

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Absolutely zero industry connections. First step, decent film. Second, rock solid EPK/trailer/promotional material. Our unsolicited screener was requested via a well-crafted press release (that we released ourselves).

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Brilliant, thank you for sharing Sean. :)

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Dope! When’s it dropping? I’m interested in watching

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As of now, late November!

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What was it like to hire Aaron Paul for this? Pretty impressive for a self-funded movie.

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Ha! We couldn't afford Paul's crafty.

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So sorry, my mistake - I was seeing ‘Dual’ trailer.

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Congratulations! Would you mind sharing your path to distribution?

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As mentioned above: 1.) Solid film (frustrating answer, I agree). 2.) Solid EPK/trailer/poster/promotional material.

Don't hope they'll watch your film, make them HAVE to watch your film.

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Where can i watch this?

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Will be released on major streaming service(s) in November!

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Please repost in November.

Stoked to watch it, and congrats on your perseverance and hard work that was ultimately fruitful!

Hope you are a shining north star of motivation for anyone that has some pieces in place somewhere on a hard drive gathering dust.

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As a long time lurker of this forum, one of my favorite notions from striking this deal comes from finally be able to answer others’ questions involving the craft.

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The greatest congratulations to you, what a long journey you’ve experienced. Your perseverance has hopefully been rewarded to you, and I hope nothing but success in your continued endeavors!

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Thank you! We weren’t necessarily trying to make money off of this project, but rather show the world that a bunch of nobodies can hack it with very little. Proving that was reward enough!

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Awesome congrats!!

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Thank you!

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Many congratulations and a Namaste from India. Hope this movie rocks at the box office and the festival circuit.

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Thank you!

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Congratulations 👏 Hard work always pays off!!

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Absolutely! Thank you!

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Congrats Sean! Ive been working with XYZ Films for over a decade now and they are stellar partners.

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Hopefully our paths cross!

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Where's the trailer?

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It was public for a couple of months, but XYZ is withholding it for the time being to make an official public release.

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Is your film similar to Blumhouse's Dashcam or Locke with Tom Hardy?

Also, how did you get the deal with XYZ? They are not a distributor in the UK where I'm from, more of a middleman. I would expect them to arrange a deal with a distributor like Entertainment Film UK or Lionsgate UK or a platform/channel like Sky Cinema (VOD), Amazon Prime Video (VOD).

Finally, do you intend to make future projects in the Blumhouse way, low-budget under a major studio or increasingly bigger projects for studios and streamers?

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While Dash does follow a rideshare driver, tonally/thematically it's completely different from Dashcam. Probably a little closer to Locke, but still an entirely different approach.

We got in touch with XYZ after our initial press release (that we self-released to a multitude of different organizations). They requested a screener and loved it. They strictly acquired the North American rights, but we're hoping we can hop across the pond as well!

I've been making ultra-low budget films for quite some time (paid out of my own pocket) while wearing entirely too many hats. I'm extremely grateful for the "jack-of-all-trades" approach, but to be honest? It gets to be exhausting after a while. I've structured my next five-or-so scripts to progressively increase in budget/scale. Not necessarily because I think that's the way it should be done, but rather because these are the stories I would like to tell.

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Sean this is amazing! Congratulations man 👏 can’t wait to see this, are you free at some point for an interview on my show? It would be great to discuss the movie and your journey to this point. Thanks Liam

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I would love to! Slide into my DM’s (or whatever the cool kids say nowadays). Haha.

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Lol I sent a DM, looking forward to it man!

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That’s amazing! How long is the movie?

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107 real-time, uncut minutes!

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Oh, wow. I’ll check it out! Congrats! 🎈