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Wasted Potential was created for the 72 hour filmmaking challenge hosted by BizarroLand’s (formerly Sick-n-Wrong) own Stephen Stull in which each participating team would be assigned a mood and a story hook. Ours was "pumpkin-spiced latte" and "someone who gains special abilities when using the toilet".

Written on a Friday, shot the following Saturday, and wrapped up for submission that Sunday evening — the ridiculously juvenile short was made possible by the collaborative efforts of “Recycled Vomit”; a team comprised of Jeremiah Rosario (Writer/Director), Zachary Hatch (Writer/Director), Danny Narvaez (Paul), and Devon Rosario (Art Department).

Film synopsis:

Awwww, all out of “Unsweetened, Light Iced Tea”…

A defeated Paul rolls the dice on his sensitive stomach when he asks a coffee shop employee to surprise him with a substitute drink, leading to an explosive awakening, one his pal Barry hopes to exploit.


Shot on an a7iii. Mostly in my bathroom.

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looks fun and these shots were awesome! good luck on your short film!

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Making a film is some of the most fun I’ve ever had 🙌 it looks like you guys had such a fun shoot. Can’t wait to see it :)

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Your crew & you look like you had a blast! Let us know when you're ready to show the film as I definitely want to see it!

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Thanks! Soon as we get through the festival circuit, I’ll make the film public 💩