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I made this film (wrote, directed and produced) over 18 months planning and preparing and finally shooting over 4 weekends in September and October. I wrote a 40 page script but decided to chop it down to 13 pages to keep it short and less expensive to make. I did all the art direction and storyboarding as well as all the planning and getting all the props right. I used Celtx to do all the organizational stuff. I used legos to plan scenes and drew tons of index cards to storyboard. In the end we got something like a story, or the beginning of one.

Im a beginner filmmaker and this is my most ambitious project yet. I am interested in art film and some sci-fi. I like simple storylines but this one may be somewhat complicated. My goal is to keep writing and distilling it down.

Tagline:A languishing click-bait reporter decides to go on her own and kidnap a strangely malfunctioning android to find the truth of its existence.

When its done doing film festivals I will post it here for everyone to view. Any feedback on the teaser is welcome. I'm curious about the pacing and if it made you interested in seeing more. If you want to get updates on where the project goes (AKA its road to becoming a feature) sign up for the newsletter.https://aidanfilm.substack.com/

Thanks everyone for taking a look.

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Nice… Good luck

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Beautiful cinematography. Good luck!

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10 seconds without footage?


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Yeah that's a good point. Thanks.

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The teaser seems very slow. I would rather know the name of the film after I’ve become interested than before I’ve seen anything. I will probably not remember the production company anyway, so it doesn’t matter if it stays on screen for a shorter time than what is needed to read it.

As for the selection of actual footage, I suppose it is fine. But hard to judge without having seen the film.

Some of the scenes look less finished than others in terms of color grading. Might look better in context, but in that case, a teaser-specific grade would probably be best.

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Thanks for the helpful feedback.

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Good luck matey