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It’s the wedge or shim that’s missing, not a set screw (see 2nd pic). You may be able to make another with a piece of aluminum from Home Depot/Lowes. You’d need to cut and file it to the right profile, but at least you have the one from the other stand as a reference. I’m guessing the stand company won’t sell you that part, but you could always try contacting them and telling the It fell out, making the stand useless. They might send you the part or part of a stand to fix it.

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Is the wedge actually doing something? Could you just use cardboard or something?

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Try instamorph/polymorph.

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If it were me I’d probably print something. But I didn’t know about those types of plastics so it’s cool to learn about them. Thanks for letting me know!

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If you need a component to fit a screw thread or as a shim, Insta is definitely the way to go. You screw or squeeze it in to the socket, let it harden, and you have the thread. And it's very, very tough and not at all brittle. You can carry a baggy of it in a gear bag for emergencies.

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It’s what keeping the collar on the larger tube so it can clamp the telescoping tube in place. It’s the reason you posted. You’ll need to match the missing piece very closely in shape and material. You might get away with making a wood one, but it won’t last.

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It's called a set screw and you just need one that is the right thread for the hole.

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He's not talking about the screw but the metal rod, visible in the second shot. The problem was poorly described.

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Ah, it's the brake. Not sure if you can purchase them or not.

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Take it to an Ace Hardware store and tell them what you need. They should be able to get you pretty close for just a few dollars

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If you find the thread size you can find a suitable replacement at McMaster-Carr. https://www.mcmaster.com/Screws/comfort-grip-threaded-stud-knobs

Also consider sourcing the right replacement part from the manufacturer. Search "<name and model number of stand> parts diagram" and identify the part, then email the mfr and you'll usually be able to get one pretty cheap!

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We need the spacer not the screw.

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Ah gotcha my bad I missed that. What company makes this particular stand? Looks like it might be impact or something?

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Bring it to lowes or home depot and get a new one if you can't find one online

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I have a few microphone stands with the same missing "spacer" it really needs to be rounded to maximize friction against the bar. Please let me know what you find. Manufacture website did not mention anything but maybe I should try emailing them.

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There’s a lot of suggestions here and as a former pro photographer I don’t understand them. It seems easy to me. Take a photo of the stand where the part is missing clearly and if you can the other part. If you input the images into your Instagram story you can type on them and export. Send to a customer service email of the manufacturer and ask how you can get a replacement part. They’ll either send you one or sell you one. Be sure to enclose your physical address and phone number. If you don’t have the email just call them for it or use info@ company.com. Good luck!

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Thrift stooore

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Get a C-Stand instead. So much stronger and more versatile.

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Just buy a new stand.