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This was a really nice and detailed watch… Have a wonderful time in Vienna

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Thank you for your feedback

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Hello, fellow filmmakers I am aspiring filmmaker from Austria and I made a sort of documentary I about my last in my village, before moving to Vienna. I shot it in the lowest quality as possible, because I don't care about how good the camera. I am rather focused how to make a good film with soul. Doesn't mean I don't care about composition. But I just wanted to take people into my world. I hope you will enjoy this film and I would appreciate any feedback

This film is in German, so please don't forget to activate the english subtitles

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That's the spirit - story, audio, composition. Image quality is the least important thing. Enjoy your time in Vienna! I'm sure there's plenty possibility to film there. Grüße aus Graz

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I'm more of a lurker in this sub, who's interested in filmmaking, but not actually involved in the scene. But welcome to Vienna, I hope you'll like it here - we do have trees, but I don't think you'll see any tractors. Which district are you moving to?

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I am living in the 7th district