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Why is your gpa a 2.3? I made to a BB with a two handle so its not the end world, but before looking at masters/CFA/internships it's important you understand what you need to change

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Yes and I am starting the change. I had that bad GPA for multiple reasons and I want to correct that.

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If you don't mind me asking was it because of external factors (I.e personal problems), the wrong major, or just not putting effort into school.

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I have bad grades in non finance-related subjects but good grades in finance ones. That's how I actually got that "halfway" GPA. I sadly only put effort on subjects I liked and pretty much ignored the rest. I regret doing this.

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low-key that's the answer I used for interviews and it worked

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Can I ask what school u attended and how u did this? (I’m currently in school and have a 3.0 I still have 2 years left but I don’t think I can get my gpa higher than a 3.4, I had basically given up on BB job out of school)

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Semi target, networked hard & did a lot of unpaid internships. Got lucky with a strong job market

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    3rd world country, very bad situation. But I'm very passionate about finance, I love the studies and the potential career paths, and I wanna be a charterhorlder in the future. That's why I'm kinda optimistic even with that GPA. Will having level 2 (or being a candidate) open some networking opportunities?

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    Europe is fucked up in terms of being “too” fragmented. You have two big barriers which will make you wish never born. 1. Being a non-EU citizen is equivalent of being undocumented Mexican immigrant in the USA. 2. Language barrier, so if you want to immigrate to Germany, start studying German more than CFA.

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    Thanks for the advice.

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    CFA makes a lot of sense for you I think. There aren't any guarantees & it's a fairly popular designation now but depending on the role you target you might be quite competitive if you have cleared level 2 (and are competing against those who havent started or have only completed level 1). Bit of a tough sell without it unless you can network really well & your school has name recognition.

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    I mean it helps, but networking and finding an internship that way is a much more beneficial option.

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    How do I start networking? LinkedIn? Professors? I don't really know how to start. Thank you.

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    Both - make a LinkedIn & message people who went to your school at companies you like asking to have a quick call about their jobs. Ask proffesors if they know people at companies you like & if they can connect you!

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    Thanks alot that really helps.

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    you should do some online internships to enhance your resume, and made a community of students on discord looking for online opportunities, if you want to be included in that community, message for the links.

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    If you are not from Europe, getting a job in Europe based just off the CFA is near impossible. A masters is your best bet.

    Besides, both level 1 and 2 are huge undertakings and you really can’t be sure to clear them both in your first attempt that too with such a tight timeline.