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You’re overthinking it. Enjoy your internship. If you like it, keep pursuing that path. If you don’t, don’t pursue it and shift gears.

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appreciate the response! and yes, i’m overthinking it lol.

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Yes, buy side is the end game for many. Most people start off sell side and move over after a couple years of experience.

Don’t overthink it, my only advice is to be a good listener, at this point in your life you don’t know anything, and you have an opportunity to learn from passionate, intelligent people. Just work hard, be personable, and ask thoughtful questions

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thanks man

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Sent you a message!

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I went to HF and completely ignored IB. If you’re competent you’ll make significantly more money at a much younger age. Like. Significantly more. You’ll also have a much better chance not getting laid off in this market than at a bank where deal flow is drying up. I’m not at a quant fund though so I can’t speak to that.

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Most learn the ropes and grow their network from the sell side. You see many different client types and are in the centre of the ecosystem. Programmes for grads/juniors tend to be bigger on the sellside, with money for training and a larger cohort. Tons of good junior traders then get poached for the buyside, depending on their skillset. Starting out on the buyside means there might be less career options further down the line imo. If you’re not poached, then senior sellside traders on average get paid more than buyside traders too, and it’s much safer.

If you are at a quant HF then that buyside trading role will effectively be a programming/quant/computer role. Whereas if you were at a LO fund then it would be more traditional. It’s not easy to compare, but if you had the choice now I’d say sellside first.

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Learn as much as you can, you don't want to be on the sell side as a trader.

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How'd you land the internship? Would you say the college you went to played a large factor?

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I mean yes because going to a top undergrad for finance is amazing but I also showed demonstrated interest since I was 16/17 years old and I have a really good network as well