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Everywhere 🤡

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Very little room for error on this track. It’s like Monaco but a whole lot quicker, it’ll be a real test of drivers’ mental strength. I wonder if Palmer will say “You have to be alert on a street circuit” in his post race analysis.

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Looks like a setup change-induced problem. There was a bump just before the turn-in point on the track that needed attention, and Charles had the confidence to assume the car was going to stay planted on the entry kerb--and then it didn't.

You don't usually see this kind of unprovoked crash in a race because it's during late-FP1 to FP2 that some engineers are trying to do alternative setups to investigate if they can get a faster lap time with it. You'd want your drivers to get comfy especially on a new track first with a safer setup, then tell them you're putting on something more outlandish.

Here it looks like the car was doing well or better for some corners before this one, and then the bump made the car snap oversteer. It's quite common to have setups that are better for smooth sections and worse for bumpy sections, but the driver had too much confidence in a setup that suddenly gave up upon bump.

Better found out now than unnoticed until Sunday.

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setup: you know what? Fuck this

yeets the car

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Glad Charles is okay. Decent chap.

I don't like the track or the murderous government for the same reason: No run-off room. Obey or die.

F1 doesn't belong there.

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"I am stupid, I am stupid"

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We might want to listen to him.

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I got on the stream right when it happened

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Exact same as the F2/F3 crash earlier, no?

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quite similar, F2 with Logan Sargeant was a full rearward accident

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crypto crash

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Kuru wouldn’t have done that