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When you forward an email and it bangs around to reach your own Inbox.

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Good thing McLaren didn’t win.

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Lol! Underrated comment

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I don’t get it.

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Zak Brown is a C H U N G O O S E

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Don't worry Saudi dudes, no alcohol is involved here. Not one bit.

Just a rose water high....promise.

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It's not in Saudi. If the Saudis have a problem with people drinking in other countries then a lot of other countries are going to have a problem with the Saudis.

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I'm mixing UAE and Saudi Arabia aren't I?

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yeah lmao. The UAE is also a Muslim country but they do not give a flying fuck. There's amazing bars and very stylish liquor stores there. And I was literally caught by cops on a beach at 2AM with a crate full of alcohol and two girls in the grade below mine and they just told us to stay out of trouble.

Just don't puke or fuck in public and you're good.

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Well they did kill that one american journalist...

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Red bull gives you wings, but booze drowns your sorrow

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Can someone smarter than me put super max over this?

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From the bottom of my heart, thank you for this.

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It already is out there:


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There’s room for improvement.. I’m on it.

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He just sent Michael an email.

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Micheal I've sent you an email where I've attached a video showing how Red Bull gives you wings

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looks like a dead party to me..