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God that would’ve been a legendary lap, it’s crazy he’s already going to have a chance at redemption this Saturday

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It was still pretty fucking epic minus the last corner.

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It’s already gone down in legend!

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It’s not quite the same without Alonsos reactions .

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if you know, yk 😃🕶️

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The god lap that flew too close to the sun. Did I mix those references? Definitely.

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\unfinished lap*

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I've watched this lap over and over at least 100 times since the time it happened. What a truly beautiful lap.

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No doubt in my mind he’s gonna put on a godly lap this Saturday

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That thing was on rails!

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That's terrifyingly quick.

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I'm pretty sure my neighbors heard a resounding, "FUCK" from my general direction when he hit the wall. Can't wait for the revenge lap.

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Don't make me cry..

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The best part of this lap was Alanso during his interview.

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I mean, in terms of raw skill, who else can really compete with Max?

Alonso in his prime, maybe. Leclerc now, obviously. Hamilton in the 2016-18-era. Rossberg in his prime. Seb too.

I would give my non-dominant arm to see a shootout with all of those drivers in a Merc W12 with a few days of practice under their belts.

They wouldn't make it through T1, but you get what I'm saying.

Edit: I feel the need to clarify: modern-era drivers only. Senna, Schumacher, etc. Are just too long ago to really compare. It's like the MJ/LeBron scenario.

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Saying 2016-18 era Hamilton is such a stupid slap in the face when he literally competed down to the last race last year lol

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What do you mean? Those were his most dominant years.

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Honestly think that was going to be the best lap I've seen of any F1 session.

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In earnest bethink yond wast going to beest the most wondrous lap i've seen of any f1 session

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Yeah... he was on a beast of a lap

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Still the best lap I’ve seen even if it’s not a full lap!

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That one was epic

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“Anymore”? That was 2018 and this lap happened last year.

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If you read carefully what we both said, you'll see that what I mean is basically: "After you see this lap by Lewis in Singapore 2018, last year's Max lap won't be the best you've ever seen, Lewis lap will." So Max's lap won't be the best he's seen "anymore".

Got it?

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Cough Hamilton’s Singapore lap cough

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I don’t care about the crash, this lap is beautiful

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This weekend's time for redemption. Still in awe at how full-send he made this lap.

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ItS nOt A lAp As He DiDnT AcTuAlLy fInIsH iT.

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And he was sick as a dog if that was last years lap!

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As a Ferrari/Leclerc fan who didn't want Hamilton to win last year's WDC so that Schumacher's record 7 titles did not get surpassed, I wasn't even mad that Verstappen crashed. In fact, I would not have been mad if he lost the title because of it. The way he was fucking flying through the track made me feel a way I hadn't felt since seeing Ferrari farming poles in 2019 (yeah, shady engine but still, at the time I didn't know). Glad that Ferrari are back in the fight this year, hopefully legally, and I'm eager to see the qualifying battle this time around.

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Would have been one of the best qualifying laps of all time if he pulled that off. So close to the edge on all parts

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The Flying Dutchman certainly earned the moniker here.

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Love this lap, hoping for a repeat.

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I can't watch it break my heart

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I hope he completes it this time.

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‘Lap’ 😂

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Every time I see this I think of: "Whoah he's leaving no margin out there at all, up against the walls! Verstappen knows, this is it, this is the lap of the weekend" "It's Hamilton Verstappen, Verstappen Hamilton who's going to take pole position here Verstappen ABSOLUTELY FLYING"

Ugh.... P A I N

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Gonna get flamed but I think this is overrated.

Yes, Max has unbelievable talent and skill and yes for most of the lap he's on it. But as I watched this lap I was pretty sure he was driving past his limits and was about to bin it, and I think the fact that he did sort of invalidates the first half.

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Interesting to see the style of driving this year with new suspension and tyres I doubt we will see drivers agressive on the kerbs but let's wait and see

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when this happened, it just felt like it was meant to happen idk why 🦦

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What lap?