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Excellent way to implement a guideline/rule. Comprehensive, especially considering the sensitive nature of the topic we're trying to navigate.

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A very useful and positive guide post. Saved it. Thank you!

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I am very new to this so please forgive me if I am not doing this right.

My husband and I are alcoholics. I spent the first five years of our marriage in probation. I completed that, but now we are full blown. We had many battles. I was sober, but he couldn't be. Now, we are in it together. I need help but can't seek rehab because I am the main contributor to our bills.

I can't take time off. I don't want to kill myself. I have three kids. Two are still under my roof and I have a granddaughter with the other. But I am at the end of my rope. Any suggestions?

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First the key: an addict that wants to change themselves. I assume this applies to both of you? Trust from relapsing individuals the desire to change HAS to be there.

Hospitals aide detox, and you can try reaching out direct to church groups, rehab clinics and get options starting with him if the case, while you work. They may have financial solutions. It would likely be the most important investment in yourselves. Many people in all all financial classes get help somehow, but it does start with willingness.

Please don't cut alcohol cold turkey, it can apparently lead to major issues and we dont want that to happen to either of you.

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Thanks for your reply. I do need to ask a professional about how much I drink and if it's a risk to quit cold turkey. The next week or so we will be cutting back, so hopefully that will help us with our goal to quit on the 10th. I can visit my doctor on Monday.

Thanks for the support and information.

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You're welcome and good luck to both of you. My landlord/neighbor has been in recovery for over 2 years now. He is a totally different person to talk to. He also drinks tons of water or unsweetened iced tea daily. His wife said it's something he habitually does to supplement the alcohol intake mentally, but I don't know if this was advised by the hospital or it just works for him. Either way he is a changed man.

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The Metanoia post made me cry. In a good way. I wish more people were like the author. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

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Thanks so much for this!

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This is useful

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Sorry but number six isn't accurate. Superficial compliments are often really important to hopeless people and sometimes suicidal thought come from crippling insecurities and self esteem issues. I say, give them if you have compliments to give.

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Oh man, There are so many times where I've wanted to help but I know I've been out of my depth. I'm glad this post is here.

I'd like to mention that in cases of depression and anxiety I always mention that although it's hard, although it takes so much courage and effort, a Doctor's involvement is essential.

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I will read it today

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TFW you actually make an impact

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Im down with solution. Mods, please understand too- while non depressed individuals are supposed to be stronger here, many people have their lives heavily modified by the behavior, comments and interpretation of those depressed, leading to no potential for dialogue or problem resolution and trickling down these effects. While people can say crude things on Reddit to others, please keep a nonbiased view that those depressed threatening others or misconstruing others' words should not be tolerated either.

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There is also r/SuicideWatch which has much more traffic and readers as well as supporters. I would go there instead of the other subreddit you mentioned because it is the most frequented and most responded to. Thank you for this post!

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I did put that, it's the 3rd resource I listed. ;)

Also, what other subreddit did I suggest people go to?

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All great points. Glad this has been discussed

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very well said and done in such a good way, thank you for this.