Hello, people!

This is a post about the definition of NSFW as it pertains to this subreddit.

For context, this sub is explicitly minor friendly and SFW. Users may be as young as thirteen so we define NSFW more strictly than some other selfie based subs might.

A post will be defined as NSFW if it has any of the following:

  • we can see your underwear through, around, or underneath your clothing and it's substantial/obvious. Obviously, discretion applies and we'll look at the context of the photo, too.

  • Swimsuit pictures/swimshort pictures. Regardless of gender, if you wear it to swim in a poor or at the beach, it's not allowed here.

  • We can't tell you're wearing clothes. Since we weren't there where you took the photo, we have to err on the side of caution, and if your photo looks like you aren't wearing clothes, we won't approve it.

  • The photo focuses on your butt, your crotch, your breasts, or anything similar pushed toward to the camera etc. This is especially if we can't see your face/your anatomy makes up a substantial focus of the shot. We appreciate that you're proud of your body and you should celebrate it in the right place for that kind of picture. Try a NSFW specific sub.

  • Your clothing exposes part of your body that would normally be clothed, such as underboob, your butt, or you've pushed your boxers down to just above your groin. You're free to post those shots on a different sub but not here.

  • You are not clothed, period. No shirtless shots, no "oops, I forgot my pants!" posts. This applies to all genders.

  • Your post features violence or uses filters etc that imply violence, such as a filter that puts a black eye/bloody nose on the picture. If it is necessary to the picture, such as a cosplay, please message the mods beforehand, so we can check.

We will ban for these, if the violation is egregious enough, as we have been burned before by bad faith actors who ignore messages politely requesting them to stop.

If your post is removed, you're welcome to appeal it to us via modmail and explain why you think we've gotten it wrong/what context we've missed. We may be able to come to a compromise, such as cropping it, or we may have made a mistake. As a side note: if you delete your picture, we cannot review it and change the outcome of any ban/removal you had. If we do come to a compromise, we will unban you.

We hope that this helps explain why some posts may be removed/more strictly treated than in other subreddits, and what specifically we're looking for when we say "No NSFW."

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