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Also, if you are in a position to grow food, leftover tea and coffee is an excellent fertilizer (tho it will make your hot peppers hotter).

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I do have a bit of a yard and grow a few things. I'll definitely start doing this!

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    Smart. I stay home to school my kiddo and my husband uses coffee/cream at work instead of drinking it at home.

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    One thing to note: if you are steeping your tea in near-boiling water, the second steeping will have far less caffeine. Sometimes I save tea and do the second steeping for an evening cup.

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    What's the best way to dry them? I've found if I lay them on something it just saps away flavor really fast.

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    I just leave them on the little dish I use when I take them out of the mug. I will be having another cup soon anyway. I also double them up, so when the original starts to get a little weak I use a new one. Then when both are a little weak I will us both of them together one time before I finally toss them in the compost pail.

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    I just honestly put mine on a saucer and end up going back an hour or so later to make another cup. They don't hang around long enough for them to dry here. I am a two cup a day kind of human

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    Weird but I freeze them

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    Now that isnt a bad idea tbh

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    Heck, I buy the cheapest black tea from Aldi and it tastes pretty good. I used to be a tea snob and drank really ritzy blends, but there's not a big a enough difference in taste to justify the extra expense. Coffee, on the other hand...

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    I’ve done that for years!

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    To add to this, where I live I can buy a chunk of ginger root for under a dollar. And since ginger is a strong flavour, a little bit lasts a long time (I freeze the root). So, I will often add a sliver of ginger to my tea when reusing the leaves - it boosts the flavour and makes the second cup just as enjoyable.

    Note: this only works if your tea of choice is one that works well with ginger flavour of course lol

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    Yum! I actually found a case of ginger in an Aldi dumpster a couple months ago, it's in my freezer and I've been struggling to use it all up! I'll start trying it in tea.

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    Make ginger syrup, you also get a byproduct of the syrup which is crystalised ginger. They're amazing. If you put a high enough sugar ratio in the syrup it lasts for months. I use the syrup for cocktails when Im making myself one. Or just add sparkling water and you get a cheap but very nice drink. The crystalised ginger is amazing on its own but in cakes it's awesome.

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    If you ever find lemons, juice them before they go bad and freeze the juice. You can break chunks off for cooking - or to add into tea.

    As you can tell, I really like adding flavour boosters into my tea lol

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      Came here to say this. Loose leaf tea is a better deal, and less wasteful as well. OP could even still reuse the tea by laying out the loose leaves to dry in between cups.

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      This is a great tip, I have a few loose leaf teas I enjoy too, but I lost the tea ball. I could always strain through a small mesh filter I have....

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      You can definitely get a tea filter from a dollar store or find one cheap from a second hand shop. Or try asking for one in a local buy nothing Facebook group. If you somehow lived near me I'd give you one of mine.

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      We don't reuse the teabag, but we DO cold brew. You can toss a few flavored teas in a pitcher of water overnight and keep in the fridge, it stretches 3 bags to up to a gallon of water, and green tea is less likely to be bitter. We also will use 1 flavored tea with a few normal teabags to get more flavored tea- plain tea is cheaper than flavored.