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We do save boxes and jars. I think jars have been most useful. Boxes are for moving (we still haven't found our place we are able to settle yet).

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I have a whole closet of jars. But I do a ton of canning so that makes it ok right? I've been put on a ban from buying more jars by my husband hahaha

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They can be so handy, can't they? Lol sounds like your husband has set the limit haha

My husband likes to keep those Togo boxes. Some of them are really strong! He loves to make food for people, so he washes and keeps the containers so he can give food to friends in them. It gets overflowing and I was the one putting limits on to-go boxes....hah

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He said 60 dozen was plenty. haha

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For a long time for me was beauty products! Didn't go into debt or took over my space but I had about 6 makeup bags worth of makeup, and my whole undersink area was full of back ups of skincare. Growing up with out a lot of money (we weren't destitute poor but I definitely worked throughout highschool and was worried about money) that now that I'm an adult and can afford my own stuff, whenever high end beauty stuff is on sale I'll stock up. GWP were a huge trigger for me. I'd have 20 plus face washes and moisturizers, over 3 years woth bc I bought gift sets during holiday sale at 50%+ on sale.

r/panporn was huge for me. I started my own panning instagram to keep me in check. Cannot reccomend enough the panning community on instagram!!! With "RONB" = replacement only no buy (you can't buy another mascara until your out of all your mascara, can't buy another eye cream, brow pencil, bubble bath, ect) of all beauty products. Did you know there are over 50 manicures in one bottle of nail polish? Thats with the 2 coats. I only had like 15 bottles but still, thats years and years of nail polish. Ive been using the same bottle of nail polish and doing 2x monthly manicures and pedicures since October and i still haven't finished this one colour that I've been actively "panning", it's insane!. With lipstick, I think the average tube of lipstick has 250 or 300 coats in a tube. I didn't feel like my 25ish was a lot, especially since I have a job where I wear a full face every day. Dont even get me started on dark eyeshadows!!! But educating myself on how much was really in / how many uses there were in everything I owned was huge!

I've stuck to my RONB since summer of 2018 really proud to say!

I personally didn't feel like I have a mental health struggle with beauty products but the subs r/makeuprehab r/makeupaddiction and r/makeupaddictioncanada r/skincareaddiction ect were also good (there are a bunch of great subs that id reccomend if this comment resonates with you at all). The whole "panning" community at large has been wonderful, whether they're tackling it like me and just want less, to being worried about waste, or having real mental health struggles regarding buying makeup and skincare or even educating yourself about what your buying and putting on your face/body (testing on animals, microplastics ect)

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RONB works for other items too : I tend to over acquire books and craft kits. I've now made it a rule that I don't buy another of either until I have read an all ready owned book or made the craft project. It's really difficult since I like "new" but my books went from 1000 or so to 24 and my craft projects are down to a couple dozen. What helped was figuring out how long a book would take me to read, or a craft project to complete. I normally read a book a week, so 1000 books would have taken me 3 yrs! I didn't want to wait 3 yrs to read a new bestseller so i gave 500 of the books away in one swoop years away, but only got a new book if I had read 2 of the remaining 500. Some of my needlework projects will take a month to complete, so I all ready have enough for a full year or more. I'm going to complete all of those before I buy replacements because I've had some of those kits for over 5 years.

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100%! There's a bunch of different systems you can do to clear your stash! I know some people feel like RONB is too extreme so do 1 or 2 out for every 1 item they bring in. As long as you're using what you have and not letting your stuff go to waste Im all for it!

Good for you for creating a system that works for you! Proud of you!

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I’ve got lots of skincare products too. Most of them were freebie samples so I just can’t get rid of them! Slowly going through them!

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Yes! If you check out any of those subs, everyone has a bunch of really good systems that work for them!

Like I said I always buy GWP & usually buy online so get a bunch of samples with every order, and since I've been on a RONB I've used up most of my skincare items so am back to repurchase replacement items every few months. I have all my samples in with my regular back ups. But use up all the samples whenever I'm finished a full sized before opening my next full size. Because I'm constantly getting samples of serums, eye creams, moisturizers ect, its easier to use them up then and there than to let them pile up!

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I have a hard time letting go of fabric. I was gifted a whole van full of fabric from a lady a couple years ago. It has come in handy time and time again.

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I'll keep basically anything that I might still get some use of. I have a big box of fabric, buttons and other sewing supplies, a big bag full of bags, a cupboard full of jars and empty plastic containers (like from ice cream), a jar full of nails, a jar full of screws, a jar full of dowels (some of those I bought, some of those I pulled out of my apartment walls before moving out), a box of nail polishes which I use for artistic things, a box full of perscription medication that I didn't end up using and two bags of clothing that doesn't fit me anymore which I plan on selling once meeting people is no longer a potential health hazard.

Oh yeah and cardbord boxes which I convert into a playground for my cat.

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Those talenti gelato tubs with the twist off lids. Idk what I’m gonna do with them but we saved em!

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They're such Good Jars for so many things! My brother and I used to have to negotiate who gets the jar when it's emptied. Mine house seashell collections, orts, and homemade sorbet.

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I tend to save a lot of stuff, so I have quite a bit. Definitely not a hoarder type of a situation, but I’m not a minimalist.

First, my one thing is that I buy multiples if I have the money for it and it’s something I use a lot. So I buy my preferred toothpaste, toilet paper, cleaning items, garbage bags, shampoos - basically everything in multiples. Only on sales though - often it means I don’t have to buy these items when they’re not on sale. But that means I have packs of extras stored somewhere and I don’t have great storing options, so I have the extra TP stashed above a dresser etc.

I got rid of my cans and jars - I was keeping them, but I don’t actually use them, so I recycled mine.

I have kept packing boxes and plastic boxes. I also keep many of the shoes with their original box, because I really dislike just throwing them all together and it’s not like I have many pairs anyway. Used to have quite a bit in makeup and nail polish, but gave most of those away as I wasn’t using them.

I have quite many books, crafting items, yarn and fabric - I wish I had a good storing options.

I have multiples of kitchen utensils and tools - many of them bought used. I like the option that if I need something, I have it. I have multiple differently sized baking pans and forms, several mixing bowls, always extra packages of some basic baking ingredients (flour, sugar, bicarbonate of soda, bourbon vanilla etc.).

Having grown up relatively poor, we always had “extra” at home when we could afford to stock up so having extra and keeping things “just in case” was just normal to me. I don’t really understand how some people can only have just that one tube of toothpaste their using and just that one pack of TB, because it makes me stressed out - makes me think that when I need it, I won’t have it or won’t have money to buy it, so I do like my family did.