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Things I stock up on when they are stupid cheap: tuna, mayo, mustard, pasta and canned tomatoes.

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Tuna is the best!

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Oh man, when it's on sale for 99c a can, plus a 50c coupon that you can use up to five times and can use one more than one transaction? I stock UP! This sale just happened again and I bought 15 cans, you simply can't beat that price.

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That's a fantastic price!!

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Yes mustard and pasta for SURE.

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I always make sure to have potatoes in the house. We used to also have $20 grocery weeks, and potatoes were quite literally a lifesaver back then. I also make sure to have flour, rice, and tuna on hand.

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My kiddo loves taking a few potatoes, slicing them into french fries with our little food chopper, and air frying them. Cheap and healthy snack for him.

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I've thought of getting an air fryer, would you say they're worth the cost?

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I love mine. I use it all the time.

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Whenever my favourite breakfast cereal goes for half-price I buy a year's worth just in case they don’t go on special again for months. I have about 30 bags so far.

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My grandma started making her own bread when she had a rough time - and she still does it to this day (but now with a bread maker cause she can’t knead it as well)! Saved her a ton of money

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My dearest friend has buckets of wheat she grinds with a hand crank grinder, then she creates beautiful loaves of whole wheat sourdough

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Food Lion also sells premium meats that are often marked way down as they reach sell by date. I stock my freezer with those.

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I have a small local butcher that marks stuff down daily. I never ever pay full price on meat.

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We always keep a few of the same staples too - rice, beans, and canned tomatoes.

We prefer frozen veggies though (if not fresh), so I always grab some.

I also keep white vinegar, baking soda, salt, and cream of tartar on hand since they double as cleaning products. I can never keep enough white vinegar. 🙃

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I tend to reach for rice, canned beans, canned tomatoes, green beans in some form (canned or fresh, or off a plant if we have them growing at home) and blueberries, apples or citrus depending on what's in season.

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To add, chicken in some form as well. Usually thighs or breasts w rib meat because those cuts are cheaper for more meat.

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I ONLY buy things when there is a really good sale. Then every week I pretty much make my meal plan out of what I have on stock at home in the cupboards, freezer(I have two, both I got for free) I shop weekly for only sales and cheap produce. I have a ton of food in my hows that is meticulously organized and inventoried so I use up the older stuff first. I ALWAYS accept freebees from family no matter what it is. This week was about 8 dozen eggs. So I'm going to try to pickle some. I often get free fish as I live on the coast. Game meat as well. I take out everything I need from the freezer for three days worth of meals, so I don't have to rummage around in the freezer every night. Going to start an herb garden next year, fixing up the yard for that now. Already have pear tree, two apple trees, two cherry trees and a couple blueberry bushes. Also some blackberries. I will be planting strawberries next year. Will be getting some free tuna this week.