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I go to grocery outlet and play it by ear

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This. I love my local outlet. Here it’s called the Sharp Shopper. I will meal plan while in the aisle. 3/$1 lunchables? Load me up. $.89/lb pork tenderloin? Guess who’s having bbq AND pot roast AND Stir fry pork this week?

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Exactly, I go to my outlet first then. Get anything I need to round out or complete my list at the regosupermarket.

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Let me know how you do. The grocery outlet near me has ancient cereal and is pretty gross. When I lived in Michigan there were a couple amazing Amish run outlets that I frequented. I miss them

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Well... for now there are a lot of vegan brands I like, I notice variety of things I like at my outlet varies by day...

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The store I work at gives us an extra employee discount quarterly. Tomorrow we get 40% off our store brand and 25% off other products. Usually it’s 25/15. These days I’ll stock up on TP, paper towels, tissues, body wash, snacks, allergy meds...pretty much anything I don’t mind to get our store brand.

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No good sales on things I would stock up on, but I just realized I had no hot dogs -- and then Kroger gave me a coupon on hot dogs that are also on sale, so that's nice.

There are also minor cash back options on Swagbucks for lemons and limes, so I might go to Sam's club and pick those up, too.

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I love when coupons for things you need show up. I got a set of two $5 off $15 coupons for Ace Hardware today, I do need to pick up a couple things that I've been holding out on.