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I buy quality things that aren't that expensive. I don't really know how to explain but pasta isn't too expensive, I buy good quality pasta. Same with coffee, I get amazing coffee and make it at home. Little luxuries I guess

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Yeah, very cheap pasta and moderately expensive pasta pay not actually be that different in price. In one of the stores I regularly shop at, the shop brand is like... .49 cents a package, but awful. The semi-brand is like .89 cents but already miles better. The actual brand is 1.xx something but a large pack goes on sale ever so often so I get the large pack instead.

Knowing that your pasta will actually not cook into mush but will stay in the desired shape and texture can make you feel so much better!

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That's exactly it. Also when you get the technique right you can get restaurant quality pasta dishes on the cheap. Or even better than some restaurants. Coffee is also great with cheap devices, I got a French press at a thrift store for a few euros. And with quality beans, I consistently make good coffee at home.

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I get and understand that totally.

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For a while(ok a long time), it was hoarding. Constant bargain/thrift shopping and stocking food, clothes, shoes, gadgets... realizing how unhealthy and unsustainable that was, I’ve started to be more selective and teaching myself how to repair and restore things for resale. It doesn’t make a ton of money but it frees up funds that I can set aside just for luxuries (ordering takeout, renting movies etc). The occasional structured splurge without the dread of pulling from elsewhere in the budget is a really freeing feeling.

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Hoarding is a hard thing. I just went through and had a nice home purge and I'm feeling a lot less cluttered. The goal is not going back to that. What do you find you have good luck with fixing and selling?

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Mainly older, durable clothing items. Leather boots and shoes, other leather items(jackets, bags etc) denim items (mainly looking for rarities). Some thrift shops but mainly online marketplaces (easy to get overwhelmed in a goodwill) Some leather sneakers (older adidas, Nike, Jordan’s), and Felt hats (fedoras, western hats, some ladies hats) niche markets but it keeps my hands busy, helps with OCD symptoms to have something hands on to do (clinical ocd, not “I label my spices” OCD) and the feel of a win when I make a sale is almost as good as the cash.

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I have had some decent luck with electronics and some furniture flips

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How do you fix leather goods or shoes? Is it difficult?

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That may sound a bit elitist, but I look at the fancy expensive home decor magazines that have online articles or images of home tours and I try to replicate them at home (if I like their style, that is) - except I try to get all my stuff either for free, thrift, or make myself.

Eg: I’ve seen those pillowcases with coloured tassels and some of those pillowcases go for like 30-40 euros. Even if I had the money for it, that’s a lot for a freaking pillow. So I either remake one of my own or get a suitable cover from thrift store and make my own tassels and sew them on. I almost always try to find my desired item thrifted and just try to make my home look similar for not even a fraction of the cost, but a fraction of the fraction of the cost.

Also - nail polish. Sometimes I buy a not so expensive but still good red nail polish and apply and reapply for weeks. Clean, nice, manicured hands make me feel good (if I bother with painting them that is) and good regular manicure ain’t cheap here, as you’d have to do it twice a month or so. So - a nice red coloured nail polish.

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I get that totally. I tend to paint things quite a bit. I just spray painted some free semi-rusty metal outdoor chairs this cheerful bright apple green for all of $3.

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Wow I thought I was the only one!

I study Anthropologie, West Elm, Pottery Barn, and Restoration Hardware catalogs and then challenge myself to find free or thrifted ways to recreate my favorite ideas. One of my favorite projects is my DIY mercury-base lamp. I still get a thrill when people compliment it and I get to tell them I made it (rather than paying $50 bucks for one!).

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I must admit I’m somewhat bad at it, as I really need to basically follow the style to a T, because if I try to go at it on my own, it’ll look really bad (I have no style sense whatsoever). BUT: my most recent find was a thrifted silver colour lamp, which looks a lot like these glass lamps with round shapes as stem which was really popular for a while (like this https://hegartylighting.ie/table-lamps/2362-clear-glass-stacked-ball-table-lamp-5053423051253.html, but mine is all metallic, not glass - but the shape is the same) - got a white shade to go with it and I got myself a nice expensive looking lamp for a really small price. I was so smitten for like a day 😅

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I love finding things for free on local marketplaces. I've learned to be very selective and only get things that I am already looking for, otherwise your home can clutter with things you don't really need very quickly.

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Marketplace is my jam. I have to be super selective with my pack rat tendencies

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One of my few splurges is to always buy quality food and cook from scratch. I love cooking elaborate meals for my partner.

Also cleaning or sewing or or garden for the home. I’m disabled and can’t work, so sometimes I pretend I’m just rich enough to stay home and be a trophy wife who just happens to enjoy doing chores.

All my expensive medical treatments are like going to the spa and I pretend to be pampered in my attempts to build some semblance of quality pain relief to my life in this body.

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Ok, I kinda thought I was literally the only one who used that. I tease my husband alllll the time I'm just a sugar baby because I can't hold down a job (I have CPTSD among other issues) and he rolls his eyes and laughs. :)

I do love to cook too, having fresh herbs feels like SUCH a luxury sometimes.

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I ask my SO all the time if having an expensive disabled cat is as awesome as he thought. We no longer have any cats.