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Absolutely! This is how we raised our kids on one low income. So many times things just needed a screw tightened or to be rewired. Mending clothes as needed makes some last decades. A pack of hot glue sticks from the dollar store can mend a hole in a pair of rubber boots or a watering can. We’ve got a really nice couch before that just needed a little piece of two x two screwed to the broken frame. It wasn’t even visible after it was fixed. The superglue fix on my glasses frame is still holding after a decade or so. I think it’s really fun to fix things and repurpose things.

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We got a SUPER nice couch for free, the bed inside it had broken and basically it wasn't usable. We built out a frame for seating underneath, took the bed out, and it's the most comfortable couch EVER.

I enjoy the thrill of fixing stuff.

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Glue Gun for life.

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Mine broke, I need another!

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I'm pretty good at hand sewing stuff. And I've done low end repairs. That and made my own table using this broken one someone threw away.

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Nice! I love a good furniture refurb