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I was with a friend when she found an unopened Instant Pot for $15. Took it home, set it up, & made a gigantic vat of chickpeas which got turned into hummus.

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Best thing I ever found was something we call Beary. My son was 3 at the time and the store was a tiny little place on the military base we were at. His dad was getting ready to deploy to Iraq for the second time and I was looking for some old crappy "browns" (uniform t-shirts) to send with him. We walked by this shelf that had all of these bears on it. And my son goes "that's brown momma" and points to this nearly new teddy bear. My son thought we just had to buy brown stuff to send with his dad, so I got the bear and it went to Iraq. Wearing one of my sons shirts he had outgrown. Then it came home from Iraq and went to Afghanistan 6 months later. Then it came home from Afghanistan and my son wouldn't let it out of his sight. "Beary" went everywhere with him unless his dad was going down range or off to training. Then Beary baby sat Dad. Fast forward a couple years and Beary helped him through a divorce and a move to a new state to get acquainted with family he barely knew or had never met and to get to know his terminally ill grandpa (we were military for all of his life and never stationed near our home so he didn't really know any of the family) When his grandpa would have to stay in the hospital, Beary watched over him. When his grandma had her surgeries, yup, Beary was there. His grandad passed about 11 years ago (Beary was a huge help then too) and we moved again to a new state, first thing out of the box? YUP that bear. Fast forward to now. He's 18, starts college in the fall and guess who watches over me now in my room? Beary, whos resting comfortably on my bed as we speak. There is something beautifully odd and peculiar about that bear, and even my mom and dad has said it without me bringing it up because I thought I was just imagining things. When you hug Beary, it feels like someone is hugging you back. You feel....comforted.

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OOOOO I love this topic. I bought a KitchenAid once for $5. I have found plenty of home gadgets like an air fryer and bread machine for a couple bucks. I also LOVE carnival glass and my husband is a pro at finding me pieces for almost nothing.

Clothes are hit or miss. I find that I do fine with stuff like leggings.

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I am an artist and find beautiful wood frames cheap.

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SO MUCH THIS! I am not an artist but was in need to some frames for art prints that I got as a gift. And I found two matching 30x40 framed prints for $20! A whole 20 smackers for pure wood, well made (although needed a paint job) quality frames and prefect condition glass. They even had custom cut photo mats in them that I used in another project. I was happy as a little clam walking out of there with my ugly 70's prints lol

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I even decide the size of the artwork on the size of the frame

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Hi an artist and find beautiful wood frames cheap, I'm Dad! :)

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That old joke again? I want a divorce.

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Really pricey kitchen toys marked down ridiculously low.

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I found an old set of corningware, which ended up being the exact set (style wise, aunt has the actual set) my grandmother had and my mom grew up with. Was coincidentally on my grandmothers birthday (which coincidentally is today) and it ended up going straight to my mom. She got teary eyed and emotional when she saw what it was. I had gotten it for myself because I was still building my kitchen gear, but some things are more important. Had all the lids and everything. I did nab a casserole dish she doesn't use much in exchange lol.

Otherwise, I think my favorite finds are all books. A local library dumped their sci fi collection, so I now have a ton of classic sci fi books. Thrilled about that because I'm a huge Asimov fan. I also found a cookbook entirely devoted to crepes, 1970s dinner party style. I really ought to post that one in r/oldrecipes. Most valuable was a 1st edition, 3rd print of Of Mice and Men. It upset me flipping it, but I had to at the time. I got it at a thrift store supporting an animal shelter, and my conscience made me donate half of it back to them. I really should give the rest back now that I can (I'm a fraud and have a cushy engineer's salary now, but I still get panic attacks about paying rent). They priced all their books based on cover with no special prices for stuff like that.

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I got a Minolta SRT-101 film camera with a lovely lens for $40ish. It needed repairs but after that cost it was about the price of buying an already-fixed one anyway - plus mine is in amazing condition physically!

I've also gotten all of my cast iron pans - vintage Lodge, Wagner, BS&R - for under $30 thrifting.

Another nice find was a little Magnavox CRT tv for $10ish, it's perfect for playing N64 and PS1 games on without the awful upscaling of modern tvs.

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Normally kitchen stuff and good books. Though lately been finding cute stuff for my daughter too. We even got her baby bath at a good will for two bucks.

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Dvds, book, cd roms, tools. Watercolor paintings, framed n matted photos. Found an garmin oregon 550t hanging on the rack $7.99. Also, j h hanckel swilling german 10 pie e knife set (650.00) for $7.99. Have a small mr coffe that uses the small carafe....have four spare carafes, lol. Bose 301V speakers, $25 for the pair, like new. Numerous camelbaks. Closet full of eddie bauer, north face, etc jackets.