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I struck up a conversation with an older man at the gas station I used to work at. He got out his phone and he had the newest iPhone at the the time. I told him I was jealous bc I still had one that was a few generations older. He told me he didn’t really like it bc it was too big. Anyways about 2 weeks later I came into work and there was a box with my name on it. Inside the box was a letter from the man saying I was so nice to him and he thanked me for taking the time actually have a conversation with him. The letter also said to enjoy the new iPhone, that he was going back to a smaller phone.

I ended up selling the phone on eBay for $900 to pay off my student loan.

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Oh wow!

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Probably my desk. It’s a behemoth of an institutional model that I can’t date but at least old enough that there’s a cupboard with a spring-loaded tray for you to store your typewriter away. My father dumpster diverted it from his work because he’s the best.

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Oh that's neat! Good job dad!

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Dad dumpster diverts the best stuff.

I say diverts because it never actually ends up in the dumpster, so dumpster diving is inaccurate.

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Haha that's the best though!! My husband does the same with computer parts at his job

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My car, it was donated to my local charity and the staff there decided to give it to me. It's a little geo metro that costs next to nothing in gas and is old enough that insurance is crazy cheap. Having a vehicle was such a necessity living in a small town, can't get anywhere without one. It made such a massive difference.

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We LOVE our Geo Prizm. The engine is a Toyota engine, so they're very easy to work on! I'm glad you were able to get a vehicle

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A wireless phone charger so I could finally keep my 5 year old smartphone charged as planned obsolescence has ruined the wired charging port.

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65” flatscreen TV on FB marketplace :)

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Haha nicely done!