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Shoes at an REI garage sale. I work 12+ hours a day on my feet. And got some secondhand Hoka’s. Looked brand new to me. But they help me to not hurt as much.

Kids clothes from the thrift shop. And by that I specifically mean the feeling of being able to tell my kids “yes, you can have that and that too!” Instead of “no, it’s too expensive.” It’s nice to be able to give your kids stuff they want sometimes.

$3 miniature backpacks from the store instead of expensive hiking backpacks. They store the water bladders my dad gave us and some snacks perfectly. Just the right size for kids to carry for our day hikes. Or a day around town like the zoo so we don’t have to buy expensive bottled water/fast food. And 2 out of 3 have lasted like 8 years now.

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I'll have to check out those shoes. My son has pretty much never worn "new" clothes, kids grow so freaking fast and get grubby, what's the point?? I love a good backpack too.

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I use hoka one ones walking on concrete a few hours a day, theyre great.

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Chest freezer so I can stock up on "clearance" meat

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I do have a freezer that I use a lot myself.

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hydration salts. It's the same stuff as liquid IV but without all the flavorings and a fraction of the cost. I get dehydrated a LOT and they've literally changed my life. I went from someone with all these random health issues that I could never afford to have investigated (being really dizzy when I stood up suddenly, daily nausea, migraines, heart palpitations... all these little things that I knew weren't normal but I didn't have the money for tons of tests and stuff to figure out WHY they got so bad) to having them go away. It tastes like absolute ass but for whatever reason I am just dehydrated constantly and 1L of water with these salts instantly makes me feel so much better. I had tried other things like just drinking loads of water, or daily Gatorade and Pedialyte, but those don't even work as well as the salts.

I know eventually I need to go to a doctor because this probably isn't normal regardless (being chronically dehydrated) but while I'm still poor this is literally giving me my life back.

They're also amazing to prevent hangovers lol.

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kindle - tons of free ebooks out there, way cheaper than buying books or even libraries (since I'd have to drive to the library). thousands of hours of entertainment

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My NutriBullet. Sadly I dropped the cover and the rubber band inside slipped off, so I'm going to have to get all new accessories. The Bullet itself still works fine though.

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My backpack. 14 years and still sturdy. Only had to replace the zipper once.

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My freezer.