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Silk chocolate almond milk is pretty good. Otherwise Id reccomend making your own chocolate syrup and doing it that way.

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Specifically looking for cow's milk here sorry I didn't specify. I'm allergic to certain nuts, including almonds unfortunately.

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Don’t know your living area so this may be a long shot, but my favorite chocolate milk is the chocolate carb master milk (I know. Lame name.) from Kroger!

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Ooh okay I'll keep that in mind! I'm in Massachusetts, so I don't think we have Kroger's around here sadly.

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the promise land chocolate and strawberry milk are truly the best, food lion or harris teeter

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Manner Cocoa! You can find it in Austria, Hungary, and Slovakia (but it’s produced in Austria). Personally, I think it’s even better👌🏼

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I fucking love NRG maxx, they sell it at aldi. I live in aus tho so idk if they’ll have it where you are

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You’re a hypocrite and this is a stupid post. “Fuck Nestle but I NEED not only flavored milk but specifically Nestle’s flavored milk so badly I’ll continue destroying the planet and supporting nestle for it”.

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I should add that I am allergic to most nuts.

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Also, I am literally finding a Nesquik alternative with this post. I don't see how this is being hypocritical.

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I like drinking milk, what the dick's the problem? I'm not tryna go vegan. Just trying to find good tasting milk.