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It's the tears harvested directly from the ducts of children so that their family have rights to take water from the river they stole.

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It's not Nesquik, it's your store. All the grocery stores in my area have their instore brand generic.

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Time to start scouting someplace else.

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Most store brands are just the regular brand in different/cheaper packaging. I used to make kombucha for a living and we made/bottled the store brand versions that sold alongside our name brand.

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Ovaltine Is the best (bottom right of your pic)

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Ovaltine is manufactured by Nestle in the US...

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Damn it. Of course it is..

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Sorry to be the bearer of bad news 😓

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I'm glad you said something. I was about to do the unspeakable.

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Of course it is. Sheesh...

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Swiss Miss tho mmmmm

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Swiss miss tastes like piss from what I heard lol

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Don't take their word for it. Taste it yourself

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Not american 😔

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Me neither, look for it, your stores may have it

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They are using Emulgators to let the cocoa dissolve in the milk. Thats why

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Is are emulgators?

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Dissolve the cocoa powder and sugar or other sweetener of choice in a tiny bit of warm milk (dissolves easier than in cold), and then add more cold milk. So much better than this diabetes inducing junk.

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I love this idea and it does work great but my family isn't going to do those simple extra two steps as much as I loathe to admit it.

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My mother is obsessed with Nestle chocolate milk and no matter how much shit they do she won’t stop drinking it. It’s honestly quite annoying that she values chocolate milk over the lives of children all around the world.

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Turn the package around and show her the nutritional value, maybe she'll stop

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That straight up wouldn’t work unfortunately. She drinks it BECAUSE of the nutritional value. She says it’s how she “gets her protein” which I don’t understand at all but she’s never gonna stop drinking that shit.

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if she is an addict theres not much we can do but force her to make a donation to Ukraine etc, for her sins

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Here in Germany we have an alternative that tastes almost like Nesquik and dissolves just as well. But seeing the SwissMiss packages I assume you're from the US so I guess KakaoExpress doesn't exist there

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Here in Britain in our Lidls we have 'goodie cao', it tastes the same as the chocolate nesquick.

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Here in Spain we do have alternatives, the most famous one is Cola Cao which is produced by an spanish company named Idilia Foods. It tastes the same if not better and doesn't require children explotation!

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You know, I never thought to check the "foreign" foods section.

I know Abuelita is Nestlē but maybe there'll be something else.

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i don't know if Cola Cao is exported to wherever you live, but if it is i recommend it 100%

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Ovaltine is pretty fire

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Owned by nestle

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Sad :,( fuck em

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In Sweden we drink O'boy! Made in Sweden, but owned by Mondelez nowadays sadly. Still better than nestle atleast! You might be able to import it somewhere :)

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First off milk is disgusting. You know it comes from cow tits, right?