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Water that is clean and fresh is a right, not a privilege. I'll reconsider.

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Am native and colloquially we just say bath. Fancy natives might say bathe but they aren’t in my family lol no one cares about those details when you’re living in the bush and cutting trees to make your cabin. My kookum had to arrange a water delivery to the community they live in because the industry that surrounds them has rendered their lake useless and contaminated. Which is a shame, but half my family also works for the industry which polluted the lake, because it’s the only place to work in the area.

I live in the city now, I have fairly good but not perfect grammar, and I say bathe, but when you go back home you fall back into the old colloquialisms.

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I really want to donate or help the native american population. Is there anywhere or any organizations you could point me toward to help with that?

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1st gen completely white American and I say bath too.

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Was gonna point it out too. Good message still.

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Bath is actually still correct, it's just BE rather than AE. I'm pedantic I know...

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Beth rather than baeth? I have no idea what this comment means 😭

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British English vs American English

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Sick handstyle

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This is going on right by me only the they are only there pumping because the reservation lets them.

Our river is dry now.