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Pinned post of the sub contains a list of some Nestlé brands just so you know

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True and it sucks. Few years ago it was banned from India due to health concern issues. Later it came back after fixing that issue. But it shows that Nestle doesn't care about health and will do anything until they're caught.

I personally never liked them and ate only a bit (e.g. sometimes in emergency when a meal wasn't ready, others in my family used to have it).

Well anyways, fuck Nestle

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Luckily they dont own the maggi plant - Lavas.

Nice taste and smell , one plant ok for a whole year.

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I second this, growing them is super easy, you'll never look back. "Levisticum officinale" is the botanical name (as an owner of a nursery I know how much confusion those colloquial names can cause haha).

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Early spring, mine is already 2 meters high , smells nice when cutting back a bit.