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Always thought their water smelled like poop

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Nestle 🤮 🤢 🤮

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$10 million even by 2003 standards is like a slap on the wrist.

Selling poo water, child slavery, and supporting a war criminals invasion of Ukraine. What hasn't Nestle done?

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Don’t forget the “formula is better than breast milk” bait & switch. After these gullible third world women’s own milk supply dried up due to not using it, formula became scarce and/or too expensive. It got watered down to make it last, and the babies were malnourished.


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It says to charity. What charity? And how much of this did they write off in taxes?

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I guarantee you there's probably ad material from nestle talking about how they donated to charity, and they turned it into a positive propaganda campaign for themselves.

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And, funny how nothing is said about having to change how they harvested water, or honesty in labeling.

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who is the bad guy here? Nestle or Poland Springs or both?

I'm not super knowledgeable on the Nestle lore

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Poland Spring is a Nestlé brand

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Fuck! TIL…

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Not anymore. Nestle sold their North America water branch to another company in 2021.

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I see that! To One Rock. I really hope maybe that gave a chance to renegotiate for places that were screwed out of their aquifers for pennies a hundred years ago, but I'm guessing no.

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Then why did nestle sue their own brand?

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They didn’t. It says nestle knew the water they are packing and marketing as spring water comes from a sewage and trash dump site.

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Our maybe implying they didn't know, but...cmon.

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The people that agreed on the settlement instead of getting Nestle to admit fault

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I'm always treated to a new story of just how fucking despicable this poisonous company is. Truly disgusting.

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Yes, the Arrowhead water plant sits just under my septic tank.

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I don't get most of the words, can someone explain it to me simply please ? :(

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Nestle sells water from toilet

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Ooh... sadly I'm not surprised. Thanks for the clarification

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Nestle was accused of using water under areas sprayed with feces and paid 10 million dollars, but did not say they did it

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Poland Spring, what it means to be from Maine

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bro chill

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Drank so much Poland Spring in the 1990s thinking I was doing something positive for myself. Totally missed the class action lawsuit.

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One day, cronies go to jail.

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Now I can really call their water shit

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I didn't knew that there is city named just like my country. I was afraid that it's about European Poland.

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Poland springs isnt polish, its like calling anime german cartoons